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Kraut Kaps 3 Pack – Platinum

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Zatoba - Kraut Kaps© 3 Pack - Platinum

Zatoba - Kraut Kaps© 3 Pack - Platinum

Product Description

Kraut Kaps pickling lids, produce excellent, consistent and economical results for the do-it yourself fermenter. They are now available with a custom platinum silicone grommet! These lacto-fermenting lids are constructed of 100% food safe components. The plastic is the most inert BPA free available and comes with a custom rubber seal. The durable platinum silicone grommet and airlock are easy to disassemble and clean. The airlocks are plastic. The plastic lids are thick and not at risk of warping, as pressure is easily vented through the airlock. This listing is for three Kraut Kap assemblies that are for use on wide mouth mason jars. Glass jar not included. Not dishwasher, freezer or microwave safe.??Fermenting your foods has multiple health and flavor benefits including making vitamins and minerals more available to your body and providing a powerful punch of probiotics and enzymes. It's a great way to preserve food while still keeping it raw and full of nutrients. Lactobacillus, the bacteria that produce your sour flavor, only thrive in an oxygen-free environment, while most molds and bad microorganisms require oxygen to survive. This lid provides the correct Lacto-fermenting environment for maximum growth of good bacteria while minimizing undesirable bacterial growth.


  • Platinum Silicone Grommet and Gasket
  • Food Safe BPA Free Lid
  • Easy to Disassemble and Clean
  • WIDE MOUTH - Fits Any Wide Mouth Canning Jar From 1/2 Pint to 1/2 Gallon
  • Does NOT fit regular (2.5") Canning Jars

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