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Perfect Pickler Mason Jar Kit – XL

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Perfect Pickler® Vegetable Fermenting Kit - XL

Perfect Pickler® Vegetable Fermenting Kit - XL

Product Description

Making fermented foods is now EASY AS 1-2-3 thanks to the revolutionary Perfect Pickler® Vegetable Fermenting Kit! 1 - Place your cleaned veggies in a jar (not included). 2 - Add your choice of seasonings, salt & water. 3 - Top with the Perfect Pickler® System. In just 4 days you will be enjoying delicious, nutrient rich recipes. If you can make a salad, you can be a Perfect Pickler! Kit includes: Perfect Pickler® Lid System, ¼ pound premium Celtic Sea Salt®, Instruction-Recipe Book with our best recipes, DVD with education, instruction, and bonus recipes. Fits any jar with opening of 120 mm, from 1 - 5 gallons. Fits Anchor Hocking 1 & 2.5 gallon cracker jars and many others available on Amazon, Ebay, or big box stores. This method of food preservation has been used throughout history - from sauerkraut in Germany to kimchi in Korea to salsa in Latin America. Nutrition science has finally discovered what our ancestors knew. Eating fermented foods enhances digestive health by serving up billions of "good for you" probiotic bacteria. Enjoy numerous recipes included with the kit and at Perfect Pickler Store.


  • Vegetable Fermenting EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3 with the unique Perfect Pickler® System!
  • Odor-free fermenting! Wild fermentation - no cultures to add
  • Goof-Proof System! The Perfect Pickler® provides consistent results from your first recipe.
  • Great for families, parties, catering, farmers markets! XL fits Anchor Hocking 1 & 2.5 gal cracker jars. Find on Amazon or at Walmart. (JAR NOT INCLUDED)
  • Store pickles in the same jar! Just remove kit, replace lid, refrigerate. Use your Perfect Pickler® to make a new recipe!

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