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Perfect Pickler Mason Jar Kit

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Perfect Pickler Fermenting Kit

Perfect Pickler Fermenting Kit

Product Description

Making pickles is now much simpler with this home fermenting kit. The Perfect Pickler Jar Top Fermentor System (JTFS) makes small batch recipes using a variety of herbs and spices - both traditional and the latest artisanal wonders. The JTFS threads onto a variety of wide mouth canning jars - five different size jars from 1/2 pint to 1/2 gallon. Watch the bubbly fun inside the jar as veggies transform into pickles. After fermenting is complete - in just a few days - thread on a standard canning lid and refrigerate. That's it! There is no cooking or boiling, no added culture starters required; just salt, water, the recipe and your jar. This style of pickling is timeless, known as brine or lacto-fermentation to produce probiotic-rich pickles. The recipe ingredients are placed in a light saltwater solution. The kit quickly attaches and seals out air, but allows gases to escape during fermentation. Another big plus, no fermenting odors! The kit includes a four-part lid assembly, 1/4 pound premium Celtic Sea Salt, our cook booklet with oodles of signature recipes, and our DVD to introduce you to the world of lacto-fermentation with extra video recipes. The jar is not included and is available at food stores, hardware stores, and big box stores.


  • Seals out air to induce a naturally probiotic world
  • Cultures in a clear jar - watch the pickling action *jars not included
  • Odor-free fermenting! Wild fermentation - no cultures to add
  • Pickles done in 4 days - sauerkraut in 10 days
  • Store pickles in the same jar - no emptying needed

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