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Perfect Pickler Mason Jar Kit

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Perfect Pickler Vegetable Fermenting Kit Master System, Fits Wide Mouth Jars

Perfect Pickler Vegetable Fermenting Kit Master System, Fits Wide Mouth Jars

Product Description

Fits 1/2 pint to 1/2 gallon WIDE MOUTH jars for small to big batch pickling. Also, fits european canning jars with 86-90 mm lid fit the Perfect Pickler kit. Wide mouth jars are not included. Load and Lock with our Unique 4-Part Kit that seals out air to induce a naturally probiotic world. Self-pressurizes to lock out airborne microbes. Wild fermentation means there are no cultures to add. Odor-free fermenting! Pickles in 4 days - sauerkraut in 10 days. Store pickles in the same jar, no emptying need, just swap to the included storage lid. Just remove the airlock lid, seal and refrigerate. Now your kit is ready for the next batch. Each Kit Includes: New Storage Lid and Marker Pencil: Store you finished fermented vegetables with the included Sure Seal Storage Lid w/gasket. White marking pencil allows you to write the recipe name/date onto the lid; markings wash off. Perfect Pickler Cookbooklet: Book includes dozens of time-tested recipes. Traditional recipes and the latest foodie marvels. With guide to serving pickles in everyday meals. Celtic Sea Salt: 1/4 pound premium, mineral-rich sea salt. Enough for your first 2 gallons of pickles.


  • The most complete vegetable fermentation kits available...anywhere.
  • Our Master System Wide Mouth contains everything you need to create delicious, raw, fermented (probiotics and enzymes) vegetables in just 4 days. An affordable alternative to expensive prepared fermented vegetables.
  • DIY fermenting allows you a way to create your own custom recipes ready in just 4 days.
  • Wide mouth jars not included. Fits European canning jars with 86mm to 90mm openings.
  • Set includes: 1 clear view airlock, 1 lid with grommet, custom food grade gasket seal, 1 storage lid with gasket, 1 marking pen, 1 brine cup, 1/4 cup of celtic sea salt (kosher), and a booklet with 25 plus vegan, glutenfree recipes.

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