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Home Made Cookie Stamper (by Suck UK)

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SUCK UK Cookie stamp - Home Made

SUCK UK Cookie stamp - Home Made

Product Description

Suck UK's Cookie Stamp collection - Home Made The Cookie Stamps are a quick, easy and fun way to add some character to your baking! Simply roll out your cookie dough or biscuit pastry, stamp and bake! Suck UK's Cookie Stamps come with a wooden handle and silicone rubber base, which works not just for cookies, but also savory pastry, icing and fondants! The Cookies Stamps are available in 3 different designs:I Love you, Home Made, Eat Me. And they are also available in a pack of all 3 designs together, only on Amazon.


  • Cookie stamp with solid, wooden handle
  • Base made from silcone rubber - Heat resistant and inert, does not support microbiological growth and is non-stick.
  • Stamp has 7.2 cm diameter
  • Available in 3 different designs - I Love You, Home Made and Eat Me
  • Includes a delicious cookie recipe
  • Includes a delicious cookie recipe!

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