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Spam Musubi Sushi Rice Press #K5SPS

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1 X Spam Musubi Sushi Rice Press #K5SPS by KH

1 X Spam Musubi Sushi Rice Press #K5SPS by KH

Product Description

Clear sushi mold that will help you make sushi rolls the foolproof way! This is also known as a spam sushi mold, or a spam musubi mold for thoes people who love the seasoned spam on sushi rice! Simple directions are included. This two piece sushi mold measures 2 by 2 by 4 inches and is dishwasher safe!


  • Easy to use!
  • Made of easy to clean, thick acrylic
  • Use to press sushi rice into a neat 2 inch by 2 inch by 4 inch shape
  • Famous for making Spam Musubi
  • Use for any combination of rice and toppings!

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