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Fat Daddio’s 55 Piece Professional Decorating Tip Set

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Fat Daddio's 55 Piece Professional Decorating Tip Set

Fat Daddio's 55 Piece Professional Decorating Tip Set

Product Description

Fat Daddio's decorating sets are made up of premium decorating tips. Crafted from 100% 304 stainless steel, each of the tips feature exceptional detail and durability. The stainless steel material is guaranteed to never rust unlike other brands of plated decorating tips. The sets also include our premier cloth pastry bag. Manufactured from a heavy cotton material and a durable plastic coated lining that prevents color and grease from bleeding. Dishwasher safe and designed for a lifetime of use.


  • Professional 52 piece decorating set
  • Set includes 52 popular tips including an assortment of writing, stars, leaf, flowers, rose, grass, and many more.
  • Also includes 2 flower nails and a plastic coupler
  • All pieces come enclosed in a durable hinged and locking plastic storage box
  • Decorating tips are crafted from stainless steel and will not rust

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