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Cheesecloth Unbleached 4.8 Sq Yrds Chef Grade Fine Mesh 100% Cotton

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Basiloff Cheesecloth 4.8 Sq Yds Chef Grade Fine Mesh Unbleached 100% Cotton

Basiloff Cheesecloth 4.8 Sq Yds Chef Grade Fine Mesh Unbleached 100% Cotton

Product Description

This high quality fine mesh all-natural 100%- cotton cheesecloth is ideal for straining stocks, canning, basting, stuffing poultry, cheese and wine making, keeping chicken or fish intact when poaching, roasting turkey or chicken, squeezing citrus juice without seeds, and making spice bags. Our cheesecloth can also be used in a great number of different household and professional applications. Because this cheesecloth is dense with heavy weight yarn count, it can be washed and reused. We have a direct and vigorous quality control over production of our cheesecloth. The cheesecloth was tested by a major U.S. chemical lab for presence of organic and non-organic chemicals. It was certified in the U.S. to be natural and free of any chemical contaminants and thus completely safe in food processing and preparation. WE STAND 100% BEHIND THE QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCT. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If, for any reasons, you are not satisfied with our cheesecloth we will unconditionally refund your money. Also, please look up our feedback and reviews on Amazon. We thank you for your business!


  • Fine Mesh Cheesecloth 43 square feet (4.8 sq yards)
  • All-natural 100%-Cotton Unbleached Cheesecloth
  • Grade 50 fine 28 x 24 Mesh, Heavy Weight Yarn Count: 40 x 40
  • Washable cheesecloth
  • Ideal for all types of straining and other household applications

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