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Jarden Home Brands 4Pk 8Oz Platinum Jar 1440061162 Canning Jars

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Ball Canning Jar Wide Mouth W/Lid 4/Pkg-Half Pint

Ball Canning Jar Wide Mouth W/Lid 4/Pkg-Half Pint

Product Description

JARDEN-Ball Canning Jars. No matter what your needs; you can't go wrong with Ball jars! Of course they are great in the kitchen for canning and storing foods; but they're also great in all kinds of other situations. Organize buttons; beads; embellishments; and ribbons in the craft room. Store screws; nails; washers; and other small items in the garage. Create unique displays for bath salts; cotton balls; and bandages in the bathroom. You can even use them as a fun gift giving package--simply fill with treats and place a cute bow on top! This package contains four Ball jars. Each jar holds 1/2 pint (8 ounces); has a wide mouth; and comes with a 2-piece metal lid. They are made of crystal clear glass and have the Ball logo embossed on the outside. Made in USA.


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