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Raw Organic Walnuts-16 ozs.

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Raw Organic Walnuts-16 ozs.

Raw Organic Walnuts-16 ozs.

Product Description

Walnuts (Raw, Organic) halves. Walnuts have a high amount of alpha - linolenic acid which is a type of omega 3 fatty acid that fuels the brain. They also are a good source of protein, fiber and magnesium. Walnuts are brain food and make great vegan taco mixtures. Grind soaked walnuts in a food processor and add chili powder (optionally add garlic, onion, olive oil and/or Nama Shoyu) Packaged in a dairy-free, peanut-free, gluten-free, vegan facility.


  • Buy Premium Quality Walnuts only from Food To Live and SOLD by Food To Live. BEWARE of imitations - we believe in quality nuts.
  • Halves & Pieces, Unsalted, No Shell
  • A very common ingredient found in many baking items.
  • There are few foods that are as nutritiously complete as walnuts.
  • Raw, Organic, Non-GMO, Delicious & Healthy

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