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Assorted Kitchen Tools I Use

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kitchen-tools1Below I am sharing with you some of my all time favorite kitchen tools that I use on a daily basis.  I love kitchen gadgets!  If you have a favorite kitchen tool that you find valuable and worth its weight in gold, please share below in the comment section.  I would love to hear from you.

For those of you who are just starting out with your raw food adventure or you have very limited kitchen space, don’t feel that you must have all these items listed below in order to be successful.   My collection grew over time.  Not to mention through trial and error in testing out all kinds of different products.

Cookie Scoops

Use: To make cookies, cake pops, donuts and bagel shapes, truffles, etc.  I use the following scoops.

  • Stainless Steel Scoop 4 Tbsp size
  • Stainless Steel Scoop, 3 Tbsp size
  • Stainless Steel Scoop, 1 Tbsp size
  • Stainless Steel Scoop, 1/2 Tbsp size
  • 3 piece set


  • Cookies of exactly the same size, allowing even dehydrating.
  • Helps with portion control.
  • Great aid in determining how much a batter yields.
  • I highly recommend the stainless steel ones and just make sure they are of good quality.  I have purchased plastic ones and cheaper ones thinking I would save a buck.  But in the end I ended throwing them out and purchased the above scoops.


  • For portion control or in making the “treat’ an even size, be sure to level off the scoop after packing it with the batter.
  • Keep a glass of water near by and every once in a while dip the scoop in the water.  Depending on your batter, the scoop can build up with stickiness and it becomes harder for the batter to release.

Offset Spatulas

Use: I use these all the time.  For cracker and bar making.  For icing cakes, etc.

  • 4 1/4″ Offset Spatula
  • 7 3/4″ Offset Spatula
  • 9″ Offset Spatula
  • Offset Spatula Set


  • Offset spatulas are ideal for icing large cakes quickly.
  • They work great when scoring crackers and bars on your dehydrator sheets.
  • Easy to control when spreading out batters (crackers, breads, wraps, fruit leathers, etc) on your dehydrator sheets.  They are great to clean up the edges and in making sure the batters are spread out evenly so it will dry evenly.
  • I even use them as a spatula when removing bars from a tray since they are nice and thin.
  • Great for spreading nut butters.


Use: I use these everyday

  • I have gone through many many spatulas and to be honest my favorite ones come in a three pack from Safeway.  They cost about $4 for the 3 and they work perfectly for me.  They are sturdy and have thin rubber tips which are great for cleaning out the blender, for scraping the meat of  Young Thai Coconuts, and EVERYTHING else that requires this type of kitchen tool!  I bought at least 5 packages and have a drawer full!  I love them!

Pastry Scraper

Use: I use this for cleaning batters off of my dehydrator sheets or the counter tops.  It is a great tool for scoring bars as well.

  • OXO Multipurpose Pastry Scraper


  • Offers a wide variety of uses; mainly designed to scrape and split bread dough as you work with it on a board
  • Can also be used for scraping, crushing, chopping, and even measuring.
  • Inch increments are listed on the blade for dividing cookie and pastry dough.
  • Durably made with stainless-steel blade and wide, comfortable nonslip rubber handle; comfortable to hold and work with.
  • Cleanup is easy since the scraper is dishwasher safe.


Use: These are wonderful for dusting cakes, rinsing grains, and even for sprouting.

  • Stainless Steel Strainers


  • The double mesh makes it a great tool for dusting your desserts with powders, such as cacao.
  • I use these when rinsing soaked nuts, grains, and even Irish moss.
  • In a pinch you can even sprout buckwheat groats in it!


  • Store in a drawer to where they won’t get crushed.
  • After washing and rinsing, dry them right away.


Use: I use this for peeling apples, squashes, cucumbers, carrots, etc.

  • The Perfect Peeler


  • Granted this peeler is a bit more spendy but as a left-handed person who lives with a right-handed person…this is a gem to have!  The blade swivels to accommodate lefties and righties.  Most peelers are set up to accommodate right-handed people.
  • It also has a ceramic blade which is very sharp and remains that way .

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Use: I use these EVERY day, multiple times over!

  • 2 cup Pampered Chef measuring cup (if you can order the set do so)
  • Pampered chef Measure All


  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! The slanted measuring cups are smooth on the inside which makes them very easy to scrape out ingredients.  Most slanted measuring cups on the market have an inner ridge which hold on to valuable ingredients and get washed down the drain.
  • The measure all cup is a god-send as well!  I use it for measuring out coconut butters, agave (syrups), nut butters, Irish moss paste, etc.  Again, nothing gets left behind.  LOVE this!

Apple Corer


  • Apple Corer


  • I use this for the obvious reason…coring apples but I also use this as a doughnut hole maker and bagel hole maker.


Use: for storage

  • 1 Quart wide mouth canning jars
  • 1/2 Gallon canning jars


  • Storing nuts and dried fruits in canning jars will help to keep them fresh, easy for storing, and you are able to see the contents.
  • I also love drinking my smoothies from them. :)


  • As soon as you bring home your purchases of nuts and/or dried fruits, immediately transfer them into the jars and store in the fridge or freezer.

Sprouting Jars and Lids

Use: Used for sprouting

  • Handy Pantry Sprouting Jar
  • Sprouting Strainer Lids


  • Using jars are great way to sprout your seeds and nuts.
  • Learning to grow your own sprouts will save you money.
  • Sprouts are packed full of nutrients!

Nut Milk Bag

Use: for making nut milks and sprouting

  • Nut Milk Bag


  • These bags are essential in a raw food kitchen.  They are wonderful for making nut milks.
  • Use to strain Young Thai Coconut water.
  • Use to sprout in.
  • Strain your fresh made juices in it.
  • Make green juice in the blender and strain the pulp out in your nut bag.


  • To clean: turn the bag inside out, empty the contents and wash with water or a drop of dish soap. Hang to dry.
  • Warning – If you have long nails or snags in your nails, you could risk poking holes in your nut bags and this will render them useless.  I also recommend removing your rings so they don’t accidentally snag the bag.

Green Bean Splitter and Cutter

Use: Used to cut green beans

  • Bean Splitter and Cutter


  • Saves time in cutting your green beans.
  • Makes green beans more palatable and pliable for marinating.


Use: for storing food

  • Square Food Storage Cambros


  • Durable 2 quart square storage container for storing or transporting a variety of foods
  • Crystal clear virtually unbreakable polycarbonate allows you to easily identify contents
  • Stain and odor resistant to food acids and oils
  • Square shape maximizes storage space
  • Safe to use in refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers; NSF approved
  • I use these everyday in my pantry  and fridge.


  • You can always check in your local area for a restaurant supply store to see if they carry these.

Masking Tape and markers (don’t laugh!)

Use: for food labeling (I can hear you laughing at me :P)

  • Masking Tape
  • Sharpe Markers


  • I mentioned above about storing your nuts and dried fruits in jars.  I also listed cambros which work wonderfully for storing foods in your fridge. I will also use the jars for storing nut milks, coconut milks, mustard, etc in.  It’s better than using plastic.  All of these will require labeling.   Using the tape and markers you should always write the contents and the date.

My FAVORITE bowl!!

Use: for making large batches of kale chips, for massaging greens and cabbage.

  • 15″ Camwear Round Serving Bowl


  • I use to fight with other bowls, having to break the batches into smaller ones but with this bad boy I can do large, double, triple, batches!  It could even double as a second bathtub if really needed. haha


Use: Here you are investing in the best food / produce that you possibly can.  You hand select each apple, you turn over every package to read the ingredients,  you prepare wholesome, nutritious dishes that are packed full love….WHY wouldn’t you plate it on something equally as gorgeous?  First wee eat with our eyes.  Present your dishes in style, present them with care and thought.  BUT this doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.  Let me share with you my secret….

I have a dish fetish.  Hi, my name is Amie Sue and I have a dish fetish.  I could dedicate a room or two or three just to dishes, if I were allowed.   The more space one has, the more the need to fill it?  :)  Anyway,  you can find great deals at thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, antique sales, Craigslist, E-Bay, even your friend’s house!  These days things don’t have to be “matchy matchy”  The eclectic look is very popular.  I encourage you, even when preparing foods just for you… serve it with self-love and create a beautiful presentation for yourself.  Purchasing secondhand is great for your pocket-book.  Recycle and reuse!

15 thoughts on “Assorted Kitchen Tools I Use

  1. This is such a user friendly read and very useful. I think you just saved the masses of women, like me, who buy and return.
    I’m printing this since you’ve clearly done the research and testing and I didn’t even have to dirty a tool I’d have to return anyway.
    Thanks so much for sharing and making our kitchen life so much easier.

    • amie-sue says:

      Hi Suzie!

      I have been down that path for sure….tests and trials. So good to hear from you! Blessings, amie sue

      • Mariam says:

        Hi Amie. I love Your blog so much!!!. Thank you for the inspiration. Do you offer any private class to learn In person with you?

        • amie-sue says:

          Hello Mariam,

          So happy to hear that! I hope you find some good recipes. :) It’s been a while since I did any classes but I am always open to the idea. Where do you live? Have a blessed nights sleep. amie sue

  2. Dina says:

    Amie Sue your website is Amazing!!! Just the pictures and recipes by themselves make you go “wow”. But when I got to this page and you list all the tools people could use and all of your wonderful tips… I’m just blown away! Thank you for taking the time to do this. It is so thoughtful and kind of you. You are a true sweetheart!
    I am now one of your biggest fans!

    XOXO ~ Dina

    • amie-sue says:

      Goodness thank you Dina for the kind and encouraging words! I created this site to help others in their journey of eating healthier and it brings me the greatest joy in doing just that! The kitchen can be an intimidating place, I speak from experience. My goal is to help strip that fear away and replace it with creativity. :) Have a blessed day and thank you again for the kind comments! amie sue

  3. Awilda Caberto says:


    I just fell in love with your page. :)
    I have been reading and learning reading and learning.
    I saw you have a metal type of nut milk strainer on one of your pages. Where did you that? I have been looking high and low for a nut milk strainer that I can just push down and not use a bag or a metal mesh and spoon….

    Thank you

  4. koreen says:

    This site is wonderful! I know God designed us to eat naturally, this site is magnificant to give clear directions. Thanks for your wonderful insight and tips. Your diligence is bringing such a blessing to all of us who read it!

    Jesus Bless,
    1Peter 5:7

  5. Amy says:

    Hi there!
    I so enjoy your site and have made many of your recipes. I’ve been using my Vitamix to blend stuff and it works great most of the time but I killed it when making your mint chocolate brownies. I wonder what brand food processor you use/recommend? Especially for blending some of the thicker ingredients?
    Thanks so much!

  6. Kathryn says:

    Does the strainer that you recommend work well for rinsing quinoa. I thought I found one that might work once, but the quinoa drops right through.

    Thanks so much!


  7. Maja says:

    Hi, I love all of your recipes. Thank you for sharing. I am interested to know what kind of a food processor do you use? I am about to go and get one for my self, but i am not sure if i should go for just any food processor. I know that the Vita Mix is the best, but it is too expensive. I want to be able to make smooth paste for dips and frosting. I’ve never used a food processor, so don’t know if any would do the job? Any advise please? Thank you. And keep up the amazing work that you do.

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