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Bob’s Favorite Chocolate Covered Turtles (raw, vegan, gluten-free)

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Sweet, simple and sensual!  Most of us are familiar with the commercially made candy, called Turtles.  They involve pecans, caramel and chocolate.  I took this idea and reconstructed it.

Same concept except these are shaped a little bit differently and are good for you!  Made with nuts that started out raw, were soaked and dehydrated, thus making them healthier and  easier to digest. Plus it changes the texture of the pecan to light and crunchy, which Bob loves.

The “caramel” sauce is made from pure dates!  Which are sweet, have a caramel under-tone and  filled with many health benefits as well.  Raw chocolate is a wonderful superfood within itself!  Cacao has more antioxidant flavonoids than any food tested so far, including blueberries, red wine, and black and green teas. In fact, it has up to four times the quantity of antioxidants found in green tea!  Now tell me… would you feel guilty eating a few of these?  I think not!

The “caramel” sauce will make a little more than needed.  So you can either make more of these lovely candies or use the remainder for other fun and creative ideas.  After I put them together I was sitting at the table looking at them.  What was I going to call these?  I thought… Turtle Nuggets!… but then after thinking about it for a minute, it made me laugh because it reminded me of moose nuggets and in Alaska I always had piles of those in my yard… so I gave it more thought and just simplified it by naming them Chocolate Covered Turtles.  Original huh?  lol  Update: Bob changed the name of these treats!


Yields 40 candies


  1. To make the caramel sauce, remove the pits from the dates and place them in a food processor that is fitted with the “S” blade.  Add the water and process until creamy.  Stop the machine every once in a while to scrape the sides down.  Place the sauce in a piping bag, fitted with a medium-sized tip.
  2. Sort through the pecans and select large, whole ones.   Make two piles of forty pecans each.
  3. Pipe the caramel sauce onto 40 of the pecans and then place another pecan on top.  Create a sandwich… turtle shells!
  4. Place in the freezer while you make the chocolate sauce.
  5. After the chocolate sauce is made, remove the candies from the freezer and one by one, dip them into the chocolate and place on wax paper to dry.  See photos below for further details.
  6. These should last for weeks in the fridge.

Turtle shells!  haha  Funny looking little things, but oooh so good!

Dip the turtle shells into the chocolate one at a time.  Don’t attempt to dump a bunch in
at once, just trust me on this. haha  Roll the turtle shell around in the chocolate until it is
well coated.  Place the fork under the nut and lift straight up and out of the chocolate.

Tap the fork on the edge of the bowl to knock off excess chocolate.  If you skip this step,
you will end up with large puddles of chocolate that will harden underneath the turtle.
This doesn’t affect the taste, it just looks a little sloppy.  After tapping the fork handle
on the edge of the bowl, slide the base of the fork prongs along the edge of the bowl so the
excess chocolate falls back into the bowl.

Slide the turtle onto a tray or cookie sheet that is lined with wax paper and allow them to
harden at room temperature.  See how some look glossy and others are matte colored?   The matte
colored ones are dried, the glossy are still wet.  If you have them harden in the fridge, you risk them
being exposed to moisture which can cause bloom, meaning they get white streaks on them.

Package Idea:  line a container with pretty card stock paper.
Use a container that will hold the candies in a single layer.

Set the chocolate covered turtles in mini cupcake liners.


17 thoughts on “Bob’s Favorite Chocolate Covered Turtles (raw, vegan, gluten-free)

  1. Karen Helena says:

    I cannot wait to try this recipe!

    • amie-sue says:

      I hope you do! Please let me know how it goes for you. Enjoy! Bob did, he ate 1….3….10…lost track at this point! haha amie sue

  2. Karolina says:

    It’s absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for all this gifts in my mail box each morning!!! It’s an inspiring pleasure…
    Merry Christmas to you and your family from France :)

    • amie-sue says:

      Oh I love that I have family in France. I am coming to visit! hehe Your comment was a gift to me, so thank you for that. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones Karolina. amie sue

  3. Beth Poetsch says:

    I just want to thank you again for your wonderful recipes and the generosity of sharing them. Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

    • amie-sue says:

      Thank you Beth… I appreciate you taking time out in your busy holiday season to share such kind words. :) I am living my passion, what greater blessing can I have?! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. amie sue :)

  4. MartieB says:

    Wow! These look absolutely delicious. Thank you for your hard work to keep us inspired.

    Yes, what a blessing to be living your passion!

    Enjoy a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year full of many more blessings!


  5. Mickey says:

    These look terrific. How long do you dehydrate the pecans for? Happy Holidays and thanks for the great recipes.

    • amie-sue says:


      I usually dehydrate them for a good 12+ hours. Depends on the machine and the humidity. At the 10th hour, check in on them and see how they are doing. They will feel much lighter and have crunch to them. Merry Christmas!!

  6. Alex says:

    They’re fantastic! I just made them last night, we watched the tv and my dearest Emilio had several of them. He absolutely loved them. Easy to make and would make an impressive present!

  7. Amanda says:

    Hey Amie Sue. thanks for all your recipes especially this one ;) how long can the turtles be expected to last in the fridge please?

    • amie-sue says:

      Good afternoon Amanda,

      They ought to last for 2-3 weeks. Honestly, I haven’t had them that long before due to them getting eaten too quickly. haha Just be sure to keep them in an airtight container so other fridge odors taint them. Enjoy! Let me know if you try them. Blessings, amie sue

      • Amanda says:

        Hi Amie Sue,

        Thanks for your reply. It’s hard for us to keep them in the fridge for that long too :D but I am gonna make a bunch for an event and they would like how long they can last ;)
        Thanks once again … they are super delicious :)

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