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Raw Vanilla Cinnamon Infused Agave  

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Raw-Vanilla-Cinnamon-Infused-Agave  12Infusing sweeteners can bring a real depth of flavor to your favorite sweetener.  I used agave for this recipe but you can use your sweetener of choice.

The vanilla bean pods can either have the seeds in them or not.  Whenever I create a recipe and use just the seeds from the vanilla bean, I save the pods and just poke them in my agave bottle.

There isn’t a real measurement as to how many I put in there.  As I use the agave, I just keep replenishing the jar with more agave. Simple, easy and delicious!

Agave is sweet without character.

Agave has a distinct flavor, that is clean, clear… basically a dimensionless sweetness.  It’s sweet without character.  When I first started creating raw recipes, agave was the rage, agave was the main sweetener recommended… times change and ingredients change.  It is rare that I eat foods that are sweetened unless with just stevia.  But that is me, I have omitted sugars from diet for the past year and I really don’t have much intention to bring them back.  That is my own journey.

But my husband on the other hand, enjoys his sweets, but we like to treat them like “celebratory foods,” not everyday foods. Therefore, I use many different sweeteners that range from dried fruits, to honey, coconut syrup and even maple syrup (just to list a few).  I like to limit and alternate them, using them for their not only their texture but also for the multidimensional flavors.

Aaaaah agave….

The mother of all-things-controversial in the land of sweeteners.  This is one road that I don’t care to travel. Is it raw?  yes…no.  Is it equivalent to corn syrup? yes…no.  It is a healthier choice? yes…no!  I have seen this sweetener cause some really heated debates on web-sites.

Once again, I refuse to get caught in this web and my best advice is to do your homework.  Every sweetener has its pluses and minuses.  I will share some links just to get your investigative juices flowing:

  • Raw Xagave Syrup: http://www.xagave.com/dispelling-agave-myths.html
  • Agave Processing: http://theioaa.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/agave_processing_chart.pdf
  • Is agave safe? http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/is-agave-nectar-safe/
  • The truth about agave: http://www.living-foods.com/articles/agave.html



  1. Pour the agave into a jar.
  2. Add the vanilla bean pods and cinnamon sticks.  Place airtight lid on top and place in the pantry for at least 24 hours.
  3. Keep adding agave as you use it up.

7 thoughts on “Raw Vanilla Cinnamon Infused Agave  

  1. Joy says:

    What a good idea. Being that agave is a thick viscosity, it should be able to draw in many flavors.

  2. sue thomas says:

    Will try this clever idea!
    Might work in date sugar.

  3. mirna says:

    Thank you for your caring.:) How many hours before and after food, for digestion? Please

  4. I love your website and have already referred a few friends.

    Thanks for your good and beautiful work.

    I’m surprised by your use of agave. My understanding is that it is no better than high fructose corn syrup.

    Please advise.

    Thank you.


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