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The gift of homemade

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Merry Christmas Everyone!  I do have to admit that this is my favorite time of year.  I love the Christmas music (I play it 24/7 channels in my house and car), I love the heightened energy of blessing those around us and I love being in the kitchen.  Which in all honesty, it doesn’t take the holidays to get me in the kitchen, it is an all around passion of mine.  But this year, I wanted to concentrate on making my Christmas gifts.  I don’t like to buy gifts out of obligation, I want love and meaning to surround each gift that I give.  So to make raw, healthy treats that are packed with love, passion, the quality of ingredients and health, well that is just right up my alley.

So, this year I made many jars of Maple Coconut Craisin Granola for some girlfriends of mine.

For our dear friend Lynn, I made Maple Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds and Chipolte Spiced Pumpkin Seeds.

I also made the same recipe but instead used sunflower seeds for our friend David.

He told me a few weeks back that he just loved sunflower seeds, no matter how they are flavored.

For Jon, Eric, Marsha, Mary, Scott, Anna, Josh and Arron I made them some raw Peanut Butter Cookies and Almond Butter Cookies.

I encourage you to use your passion, talent or skills…either one or all three, to bless others with nutritionally packed, home made yummy foods as gift ideas.

You can really personalize it by making your own labels.  I used shipping labels and created them with my Print Shop program on my computer.

Happy Holidays!

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2 thoughts on “The gift of homemade

  1. Alta says:

    WOW!!!! these look fabulous! can I be your friend NEXT Christmas??;-) Seriously, I’ve given food gifts for years, but they were the sugary bad-for-you type. THIS year I’m going to give GOOD food gifts. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • amie-sue says:

      Thank you Alta :) There is something so gratifying in giving out such wonderful, tasty and nutritious gifts. You will be giving the gift of health as well! I love finding creative ways to package the foods to. I would love to find some antique jars for next years gifts, making special tags that hang from twine. Or keep your eye out at garage sales, antique stores or second hand stores for unique containers. Best of all have fun with it! Your love, thoughtfulness and passion will shine through in your gifts.

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