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Substituting Raw Ingredients for Cooked

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You can learn to transform just about any cooked recipe in a raw, whole food recipe. There is a bit of a learning curve, just as there is when learning how to prepare a different style of cuisine… just know that I am here to help you!

All the wonderful pictures that you see below are raw dishes.

Binders, thickeners, and emulsifiers

  • Raw version use: psyllium powder, flax, chia seeds, Irish Moss, agar agar, coconut meal, nut cheese, avocado, dates and lecithin.
  • Example of raw binders and thickeners: click here

Breads, tortillas, crepes, and flatbreads

  • Raw version use: sprouted, ground grains or nuts, seasoned, shaped and dehydrated; lettuce, collards, or cabbage leaves, flax-vegetable or psyllium-vegetable wraps and flax crackers which are dehydrated.
  • Example of raw crackers and breads: click here

Bouillon, broth and stock

Cream and eggs

Butter and shortening

Canned coconut milk

  • Raw version use: fresh or desiccated coconut blended with water or blended fresh young coconut flesh.  Example: click here


Chips and crackers

Cooked onion and garlic

  • Raw version use: onion or garlic powder (not raw), dried onion or garlic or fresh.  Be ver careful if using fresh, you usually don’t need as much.  These two spices are very pungent when raw.  So start off with lesser amounts than expected.  You can always add but not take away.

Cooked tomatoes

  • Raw version use: soaked or ground sun-dried tomatoes, fresh seeded tomatoes

Cooked vegetables

  • Raw version use: dice. julienne, or chiffonade finely.  You can warm them in the dehydrator or marinate them.
  • Example: click here

Dairy milk and cream

Dairy cheese

  • Raw version use: nuts blended with probiotics to create cheese.
  • Example: click here


  • Raw version use: ground up nuts, seeds, dried vegetable matter, or buckwheat to create flours.
  • Example: click here

Ice Cream

  • Raw version use: frozen nut or coconut cream, bananas and other fruits.  You can also make raw ice creams. Example: click here.


  • Raw version use: avocado, blended young coconut, nut or seeds.
  • Example: click here


  • Raw version use: ground nuts and seeds along with vegetables, dehydrated
  • Example: click here

Pasta or rice

  • Raw version use: spiralized zucchini noodles for pasta, finely chopped cauliflower or parsnips for rice.
  • Example: click here

Peanut butter

Roasted nuts and seeds

  • Raw version use: use raw nuts, soak and dehydrate them.
  • Example: click here


  • Raw version use: citrus juice, tamarind, berries, pineapples, coconut vinegar.

White sugar

  • Raw version use: agave, dates, dried fruits, yacon, honey, etc
  • Learn about raw and healthier versions: click here

3 thoughts on “Substituting Raw Ingredients for Cooked

  1. Becki says:

    I want to make the Marshmallow cookie frosting recipe. Wondering what the purpose of the whey protein powder is and if there is a substitute? I can’t have casein. I know some say most of the casein is removed during the process of making whey, but I need to have casein-free. If you could recommend an alternative, I’d be very grateful. Would hemp protein work?

    Thank you,

    • amie-sue says:

      Good afternoon Becki,

      Well, as I mentioned in my story, me grabbing the whey protein was a mistake… but it turned out amazing. I understand some people don’t use whey protein (it was even a fluke that I had some in my cabinet because I normally don’t use it) for various reasons. Everyone has their own food intolerance’s, likes, dislikes and convictions. I simply don’t have the time or the means to test every single alternative. :) BUT with that being said, I do want to try this frosting recipe using my Sunwarrior Raw Protein Powder. I don’t have hemp protein powder on hand so you can give it a try. If you do, please keep me posted otherwise, I will post soon how my experiment turns out. :) Have a blessed day Becki! amie sue

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