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Edible Brains – Halloween (raw, vegan, gluten-free)

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Edible Brains, yum yum, doesn’t that just get the mouth watering?!   These are very fun to serve at Halloween.  You can use either whole walnuts or pecans for the “brains”,  they both look a little… brainy.  :) On the serving tray I  made small paper tents with funny little names on them: Intell E Gent, Albert Mindstein, Sir Thinks-A-Lot, Smart T. Pants, Dr. Ivana Brane, Dr. Anita Neujob, Dr. Ima Klutz, Dr. Guy N Cologist, Al Gore and Dr. I.M. Wright.   Do you have any other creative names?   Ingredients: Yields 46 / 1 Tbsp sized cookies 1 cup…

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