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Chocolate Ganche Cookie infused with Orange Juice

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The Chocolate Ganche Cookie infused with Orange Juice cookie has just the right balance of chocolate with a lingering orange hit on the back of the palate.  These are by far one of my favorite cookies.  The inspiration behind them?  Well, I had a portion of avocado left over after making Key-Lime Pie and some left over chocolate ganache that needed to be used up.  You just never know where inspiration will come from or where it will take you.  I took these cookies to our store and shared them with the employees,  little do they know but they are my taste tester subjects.  Everyone loved the combination of chocolate and orange.  Our friend David,  kept going back for more.  His eyes lite up when he talked about how much he liked them.



Ouch! Grate the orange not the finger!

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