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Buttery Shortbread Tea Cookie with Sour Cherry Jam (raw, gluten-free)

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The shortbread name can be misleading to those who don’t know the cookie. Is it a bread? A cake? A biscuit? Actually, it’s all of these things.   And did you know that January 6th of each year is National Shortbread Day?  Mark your calendars and get your Hallmark greeting cards ready, but lets start the celebration early by making them now!  I think these tea sandwich cookies would be a delightful treat to serve friends and family.

A typical baked recipe consists of 2 cups butter, 1 cup packed brown sugar, and 4 1/2 cups all-purpose flour.

I used the Wilton Brownie Dual Cutter.  You can find it here.  You don’t have to own this mighty fine cutter to make this recipe.  Any rectangular cookie cutter would do or even a paring knife would work with some free-hand practice.  The size of the cutter you choose will affect the amount this recipe yields.  Keep in mind that raw treats as rich and filling so don’t make them to big.  I also used butter flavoring in this recipe.  If you are against using this (not raw) you can substitute the macadamia nuts for the cashews, since they can have a slight undertone of a buttery flavor.


Yields 24 cookies or 12 sandwiches

Cookie dough ingredients:

Jam Ingredients:

  • 1 cup dried cherries
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 Tbsp raw honey


  1. If you make your own almond meal, be sure to remove the skins from the almonds if you want your cookie to be creamy white color.
  2. In a food processor, fitted with the “S” blade, break down the almonds, cashews, and coconut into a flour – individually.
  3. Now combine the flours, coconut, salt, agave, vanilla bean seeds and extracts.  Process until it starts sticking together and forms a ball.
  4. Spread a large piece of plastic wrap on the counter top.  Place the plain sugar dough ball in the center of the wrap.  Then cover with another piece of plastic wrap.  Roll the dough out to approx. 1/4″ thickness.  Remove the top sheet of plastic wrap and press the cookie cutter into the dough.  Remove and transfer to the mesh sheet that comes with the dehydrator.  Place the bottom of the cookie facing up.  I want the top of the cookie (which is nice and perfectly smooth) to lay face down on the mesh screen so that the pattern of the mesh will leave an impression on the cookie.
  5. Dry at 115 degrees for 4 hours.  During this time, make the sour cherry jam.
  6. Soak the dried cherries in the 1 cup of water for 15 minutes.  Then place the cherries, half of the soak water, chia seeds and honey into the food processor, fitted with the “S” blade and process until the cherries are broken down.  I tried doing this step in my blender, I don’t recommend that, there isn’t enough volume to spin it around.  Pour the jam into a zip-lock bag and set aside.
  7. After the shortbread has dried for about 14 hours, remove the jam Zip-lock bag from the fridge.  Pipe the jam onto half of the shortbreads,  the other half will be for the top.  Pipe the jam onto 1/2 of the shortbreads, reserving the other 1/2 for the top.
  8. Slide the tray back into the dehydrator and continue drying for about 12 more hours.
  9. Remove and place the top cookie on the jam, making a sandwich.  Now pierce the top cookie with a fork to give it that shortbread trade mark.
  10. Allow to cool and enjoy!  These will last approx. 14 days, even longer in the freezer.  Keep in a sealed container in a single layer.

Suggested Sous Chef Substitutions:

  • Butter flavoring ~ use additional vanilla extract
  • Cashews ~ use macadamia nuts

When you roll cookie dough between two sheets of plastic wrap, it makes it much easier
to lift the cookie off the cutting board so you can transfer it to the dehydrator tray.


4 thoughts on “Buttery Shortbread Tea Cookie with Sour Cherry Jam (raw, gluten-free)

  1. Grace says:

    These cookies look delicious! I was wondering, why do you believe in eating raw yogurt or whey protein powder?? I saw these ingredients in a couple of your other recipes and was curious to why you used them.

    • amie-sue says:


      I am not 100% raw. I do eat cooked foods and some animal protein. My body requires it right now. My diet changes as my body does. I use to be 100% raw but my body struggled to digest it, etc. (been on a long health journey). Without going into great details, I had to learn to really listen to my body. It’s not always an easy task. Just because I use an ingredient and post a recipe, it doesn’t mean that I consume those ingredients on a regular basis. Desserts, for instance. I have more dessert recipes than anything else, but that doesn’t mean that I eat them daily or even weekly. I don’t believe that there is just one way of eating for everyone out there. We are all unique and genetically different which requires people to eat a wide variety of foods. My goal is to share recipes that are more on the healthy side and to encourage people to add more and more healthy dishes in and crowd out the unhealthy foods. Have a wonderful weekend, amie sue

  2. Nicole says:

    Hi There,

    These cookies came out oily (from the nuts) and never really “dried out”. Is this normal? Are they supposed to be really soft?

    • amie-sue says:

      Good morning Nicole,

      They shouldn’t be “oily” but they are more on the softer side than the crunchy side in texture. I wonder if you over-processed the nuts, thus releasing too much of their natural oils. amie sue

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