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Country Living Savory Crackers (raw, vegan, gluten-free)

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Country-Living-Savory-Crackers2Raw crackers are great staples to keep on hand.  They will feed that craving for crunchy textures when it hits.  In an airtight container, they should keep for 2-3 weeks.

The base for this cracker is almond pulp which gives the cracker a lightness, major crunch and a nice firm foundation for any cheese or spread.

If you choose to use ground almonds in place the of the pulp, the cracker will much more heavy and dense.  Not to say that that is a bad thing, just different from what I have created here.

This cracker is savory but not to strong in flavor that would overpower whatever dip or spread you decide to serve it with. I hope you enjoy this recipe. Blessings, amie sue


yields 75 (2×2”) crackers


  1. In the food processor, fitted with the”S” blade, break the sunflower and pumpkin seeds down to a flour.
  2. Add the flax, nutritional yeast, onion & garlic powder and salt.  Pulse to mix together.  Pour into a large bowl.
  3. Add to the bowl the almond pulp, Tamari, and lemon juice.  Mix well with hands.  It’s jus more fun than with a spoon!
  4. Spread the batter on to the teflex sheet that comes with the dehydrator about 1/4″ thick.
    • Square up the edges nice and straight, then score the crackers into desired shape and size.
    • I used a long metal ruler to score the crackers.  You can use a pizza cutter or knife, just be careful that you don’t cut the teflex sheet.
  5. Dehydrate at 145 degrees (F) for 1 our them reduce to 115 degrees (F) for 8 hours, flip them on to the mesh sheet and peel the teflex sheet off.  Continue drying for another 6-8 hours or until dry.
  6. Once cool, snap the crackers and apart and store in an air tight container for 2 weeks.

Country-Living-Savory-Crackers3The Institute of Culinary Ingredients™

  • What is Himalayan pink salt and does it really matter?  Click (here) to read more about it.
  • Learn how to grind you own flax-seeds for ultimate freshness and nutrition.  Click (here).

Culinary Explanations:

  • Why do I start the dehydrator at 145 degrees (F).  Click (here) to learn the reason behind this.
  • When working with fresh ingredients it is important to taste test as you build a recipe.  Learn why (here).


One of the greatest joys when creating raw food recipes is experimenting with different ingredients… a practice that I highly encourage.  Daily I get questions regarding substitutions.  Of course we all might have different dietary needs and tastes which could necessitate altering a recipe.    I love to share with you what I create for myself, my husband, friends and family.  I spend a lot of time selecting the right ingredients with a particular goal in mind, looking to build a certain flavor and texture.
So as you experiment with substitutions, remember they are what they sound like, they are substitutes for the preferred item.  Generally they are not going to behave, taste, or have the same texture as the suggested ingredient.   Some may work, and others may not and I can’t promise what the results will be unless I’ve tried them myself.   So have fun, don’t be afraid,  and remember, substituting is how I discovered many of my unique dishes.

I love to package up crackers to give as gifts.  Creating labels,
making them personal and special.  You can find the bags (here).

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18 thoughts on “Country Living Savory Crackers (raw, vegan, gluten-free)

  1. JAN ROBERTS says:

    Amie Sue, I’m confused on the hazelnuts. They are not listed in the ingredients. Thanks, Jan

  2. BJ Kochendorfer says:

    Good Morning…
    I just got my dehydrator yesterday so this is going to be my 1st project! I am so excited. In reading the recipe …I don’t see hazel nuts, but it mentions them in the directions. How many, if any?

    • amie-sue says:

      Oh awesome BJ, which machine did you get? I fixed the recipe, not sure why I said the word hazelnuts, I meant pumpkin seeds. lol Must have been sleeping when I typed that. :) Have a happy day, amie sue

  3. Coconutkissed says:

    The first step says hazelnuts? How much and do they need to be soaked?

  4. Kanti Pike says:

    thanks for this, too! I am making the biscotti and am just deeeelighted with the taste, crunch, richness…and my friends love them too !
    Bless you!

    • amie-sue says:

      I hope you like them Kanti. And so good to hear that you are enjoying the biscotti. :) Have a wonderful and glorious day, amie sue

  5. BJ Kochendorfer says:

    amie-sue… I got the Sedona. It’s beautiful. I had not planned on that one because of the cost, but then I found it online at Costco for the same price and one of the gals that teaches a raw food class here has one and recommended it. So I am off into a whole new world of dehydrating. :) Thanks for the update. I’m off to start my 1st project.
    Be back soon.

    • amie-sue says:

      Oh I hope you like it BJ. I sent mine back but I am soooo excited for your dehydrating adventures. Never hesitate to ask questions, I will always do my best to help. :) amie sue

      • BJ Kochendorfer says:

        I have to ask…why did you return yours?
        All this is new to me. I’ve only made Cheezy Kale Chips, so far. By the way the Touchdown Dip is to die for! Taking it to a Bunco party tonight :)

        • amie-sue says:

          Both of those are highly addictive hehe I hope that you Bunco party enjoyed it! I sent the machine back for several reasons. First of all, I think the Sedona is beautiful and I love the digital display. The features that I didn’t like; I didn’t like that the door open out and down (being hinged at the bottom). The hinges and crackers became a collection device for crumbs and it was a pain to clean. I would have liked that the door opened to the side or removed. The trays are a tad smaller than the Excalibur. The Excalibur trays are 15×15 and the Sedona are 14×14 – that is a big difference x 9 trays. Also, I don’t like the tall lip around the edge of the trays on the Sedona. It made it hard for me when spreading the batter from edge to edge to score it. I like to use a large 18″ metal ruler when I do my scoring to get nice even scores. Plus the lip of their trays flare outward which I didn’t like for clean edges to my crackers or bars. I also found that most foods stuck to the BPA-Free & PTFE-Free PP Drying Sheets and were very stiff when I tried to peel them off of crackers, etc.

          I wanted to love it, I really did but in the end I love the Excalibur better. I have been using the Excalibur for over 6 years, almost nonstop so I guess I grew picky. haha. Have a great evening! amie sue

          • BJ Kochendorfer says:

            Amie-sue Thanks for your comments on the Sedona..I should have asked you 1st before I bought mine. I haven’t done enough with it yet to discover the negatives. You have to know the Touchdown dip was a HUGE success! Everyone wants the recipe. I think it’s the best dip I’ve ever had in my life! Yum yum yum… Ok back to the kitchen, today it’s Sweet and Spicy Onion rings, get ready for the Savory Crackers and then the basic cheese. By the way, you often mention a store…what kind of store do you have and where is it? Thanks again for all you do.

            • amie-sue says:

              Good morning BJ… well you might find that you really enjoy the Sedona. I just come from years with the Excalibur and have developed habits in how I use a machine and what I expect from it. Keep pressing forward with it and have fun with dehydrating! So happy to hear that your ladies enjoyed the “cheese”, I find it to be a real crowd pleaser as well. It just tickles me that you are busy in the kitchen trying recipes. :) Regarding the “store”… my husband and I own a chain of new and used book stores that also sell musical instruments, electronics, CD’s and many other things. We have 1 in Flagstaff, 1 in Mesa, 1 in Phoenix, 3 in Tucson and an on-line presence. Bookmans.com. We just now opened another new store that has the same format as the book stores but now sell sporting and outdoor equipment. You can see a link on the bookmans link to see photos of it. They are really unlike any other store that you can seen. Have a blessed day BJ, amie sue

  6. adaria says:

    Looks like another winner, Amie-Sue… can’t wait to try it!

  7. Cheynne says:

    I just made this batter, and I’m wondering if I’m supposed to add more liquid. It’s not spreadable, exactly ’cause it’s pretty dry. (I really drain the hell out of my almond pulp….) Shall I add water until it’s spread-y, or just sculpt it onto the teflex? Batter tastes great, of course! :)

    • amie-sue says:

      Hello Cheynne,

      Yes, add some water so you can spread. That is why I indicated moist almond pulp. Every batch for yourself and between others will need some fine tweaking because somedays we have more hand strength than others when it comes to squeezing the nut pulps. :) Keep me posted how it turns out. Blessings, amie sue

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