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Peach Cherry Fruit Leather

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Well this was an interesting fruit leather in the end.  As I was pureeing the peaches and cherries, I started to hear a little “pinging” in my blender craft.  I know that sound… it means a cherry pit found its way into there.  Well fiddle sticks.  Hate when that happens.  But have no fear, a strainer is near. :)  I poured the puree through my metal strainer to catch the broken bits of cherry pits.  Goodness, I am rhyming here and not even trying.  Anyway, as I was straining the broken pit parts,  it meant the skins from the fruits were being strained as well.  Normally, I leave the skins on but I was excited to see the smooth and creamy puree in the bowl.  So I proceeded with the remaining steps on drying the leather.

This is where it got interesting.  The completely smooth puree made for a very sticky leather and one that took much longer to dry.  Even after 20 hours, it feels a bit tacky but it is gorgeous and pure.  In the future I will continue to leave the skins in my leathers and not strain them.  That cherry pit taught me a lesson in being more careful, so all is good.  If you too get a cherry pits bouncing around in your blender and you have to strain your puree… wrap your leather in wax paper, it peels off nice and easy, much easier than plastic wrap.


Ingredients: yields 5 cups (made 13 gift pkgs)



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