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Blackberry Banana Swirl Fruit Leather ~ Gourmet Edition

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I went blackberry picking AGAIN!  Oy-vey!  I can’t help myself. I grew up a fruit lover and having fresh fruit was always a very a special treat… now, I am surrounded by it and I can’t fathom the idea of letting it go bad.  But, how does one keep on top of over 100 feet of wild blackberry bushes?!  I simply can’t pick them fast enough.  Last night I decided to pick just a little bit more (feel like an addict here)  and as I was crouched over, carefully weaving my fingers around all the thorns so I could snatch that “blue ribbon” prize-winning berry, a quail popped out beside me.  Scared the living daylights out of me! lol   The birds are enjoying the berries too,  so I guess I won’t be too greedy.  :)

The amazing thing with these blackberry bushes is that all the berries ripen at different times.  So, the picking feels like it is never-ending.   You will notice that when I made the blackberry puree that I added a little sweetener.  The berries were very ripe but I wanted to increase the sweetness level a tad so it will be important for you to taste test as you prepare your fruit leather.

My photos didn’t come out the best but that won’t affect the flavor.

Ingredients for blackberry puree: yields 3 cups puree

Ingredients for banana puree: yields 3 cups puree



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