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Sherbet-Berry Fruit Leather ~ Gourmet Edition ~

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I named this recipe Sherbet-Berry Fruit Leather because it reminded me of sherbet the moment I dipped my spoon in the blender craft to take a taste test!  It was so heavenly that I wasn’t sure whether to continue making a leather out of it,  freezing it as an ice cream dessert,  or just guzzle sip it straight from the craft.   It was one of those brief moments were I toyed with the idea of finding a quiet corner behind the couch, hug the container close to my chest and never release the straw from my lips till the very last drop was gone!   When I was creating this simple recipe,  I didn’t start out with any intention of creating a sherbet like flavor, so I love it when surprises like this happen.

The other day as I was doing some Google research on pears,  and I stumbled upon a site that talked about Buddha Pears!!  You can read more about here if interested.

I have seen square watermelons but this takes the cake.  I told Bob is would be funny to get ahold of one of the molds and in a pear tree deep within our orchard grow one of these.  Then when harvest came it would shock the heck out of an orchard picker.  lol  Is that mean?  I don’t think so,  I think it would funny.  Anyway…  I think they are about as cute as a button.

 Ingredients: yields 4 1/2 cups puree


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