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Honey Huckleberry Peach Fruit Leather ~ Gourmet Edition ~

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I love surprises and life is full of them!   I am new to eating huckleberries so I really didn’t have a preconceived idea as to what to expect but after pulling this fruit leather out from the dehydrator,  I was shocked to find that it tasted just like concord grapes!  It reminded me of Smuckers Grape Jelly.  Speaking of Smuckers,  a few years ago Bob and I got a personal tour of one of their plants in Washington.  My aunt, Kathy, has worked there for around 20 years.  It was rather impressive and that is coming from a girl who doesn’t eat store bought jams.

My aunt and uncle also have a 28 acre vineyard of a variety of grapes.  One of which is Concords.  And since the huckleberries in the fruit leather reminded me of grape jelly, which led to reminiscing about visiting Smuckers, which then made me think of concord grapes… I thought I would share another picture with you.  Don’t you just love how my brain bounces all over the place? haha  At least there is a little method to my madness.

Back to the leather…. focus, must stay focused!  The flavor was strong and oooh so delicious!  Grape jelly like, Smuckers like, concord grape like… Huckleberry like?  Along with being so tickled in being able to find fresh, wild huckleberries, I also had the pleasure of getting my hands on some locally made honey that was flavored with huckleberries.  I realize that not everyone will have access to such a thing.  In that case,  you can use regular honey or whatever sweetener you desire.

Ok, before I lose my train of thought again,  let me just introduce you to the recipe and let you be.  :)


Ingredients: yields 3 cups puree


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