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Tres Fig Balsamic Fruit Leather ~ Gourmet Edition ~

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Figs are in season!  I tried really hard to walk by them at the store but they hornswaggled me and force me to take them home….yea yea, that’s the ticket, they hornswaggled me!   Not only bought one basket, not two, but three followed me home.  I had an instant idea to make a fruit leather that incorporated all three slightly different but unique flavors.

Some figs are extremely sweet, even to the point of oozing a bit of syrup from their skins.  Today I used;  Black Mission figs which are perfect for serving plain, with yogurt, or with tangy fresh raw cheese  for dessert.  They have blackish-purple skin and dark pink flesh.  It’s famous for its distinctive, mildly honey-sweet flavor. The deep purple skin darkens to a rich black when dried with a deep reddish flesh.   The second fig I used was the Calimyrna fig which has a slightly golden skin and a pinkish flesh that has a distinctive nutty flavor.  The third fig turned out to be the Texas Everbearing fig which is a medium-large mahogany brown fruit with deep burgundy pulp.  Ideal for fresh eating or preserves.

My thought was to make this fruit leather “Neapolitan style”.  Each fig produced 1 cup of puree,  so I processed each one separately and then poured three strips of each puree (1/2 a cup each) onto two dehydrator trays that were lined with teflex.  I then spread each one down into a strip and then married the edges.

If you are a fig lover you will really enjoy this leather!  Enjoy!

Black Fig Ingredients: yields 1 cup puree

Green Fig Ingredients:  yields 1 cup puree

Purple Fig Ingredients:  yields 1 cup puree

Preparation – puree each fig separately:


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