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Simply Strawberry and Spinach Salad

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This recipe is about as simple as they come but I thought I share it regardless.  It just might cause a spark of imagination next time you open your fridge.  And that is what preparing raw food is all about.  Well, it’s more than that really, but the idea is to be able creative, making the spot dishes that are not only nutritious but effortless.

This morning I was hungry for a Strawberry Spinach salad.  Yes, this was my breakfast and why not?  Intuitive eating is what they call that.  Learning to listen to your body and what foods it is hungry for.  Your body knows best in what nutrients it needs, so learn to tap into that.  In my sleepy-eyed rummage through the fridge I threw together this simple salad.  Once you see the ingredients you may wonder why I would post such a thing.  It isn’t some culinary revelation to write home about but again,  my aim throughout the site is to really just plant seeds in your mind on how to find freedom in your mind and kitchen.  So keep that in mind, believe in your creative abilities and soon you will have recipes popping up left and right in your own mind.  I use to be so intimidated in the kitchen, spices of all things scared me right into a corner.  It wasn’t until I started preparing raw foods that I was freed from that fear and over the years I can really see a major growth within myself.

So here is what I had for breakfast….along with some Tropic Flax Crack



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