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Iced Coconut Vanilla Latte

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Not to long ago I published a post on cold-pressed coffee and it has pretty much become a staple in my house.  It has really opened the doors to my desires to play around and create new drinks.  I will admit that if I allowed myself to… I could become highly addicted to those fancy dancy coffee drinks.  I have had a few in the past years and boy, is it a slippery slope!  One of which I have always wanted to avoid.  I try to use organic and fair-trade coffee.  Drinking cold-pressed coffee, for me, is a treat that I will allow myself and it has up to 75% less acid, which makes me feel even better about my choice in having it.

Now comes the fun part though!  Watch out over-priced Starbucks coffee shops, there is a new up and coming barista in town!  I may not be able to make pretty pictures in my mugs just yet, but give me time, allow me some room to experiment and I just might be able to create some latte art yet.  Never to old to learn new tricks.  I doesn’t take fancy art to make it taste good, so that’s a relief.  Today’s drink was a last-minute creation as Mom and I were heading out the door.   The poor woman, every time she comes to visit I get so excited to catch her up on all the new treats that I am creating.



  1. I like to use a 1 quart mason jar.  Add all of the ingredients, including the ice, place the lid on tightly and give it a good shake.  Ta-da!  That’s it.  Not complicated at all.


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2 thoughts on “Iced-Coconut-Vanilla-Latte

  1. Roz says:

    Thank you Amie Sue for this great recipe. I occasionally (as in 2-3 times per year) indulge in coffee since becoming raw. I would love to enjoy a yummy iced latte now and then but don’t want the bad effects of the coffee/milk/etc. This is a great treat and very easy to make. I just so happened to have indulged my boys with some baby coconuts. One out of three actually eats the meat, so what to do with scraps? Usually smoothies, but not today! Delicious coconut cream for my latte!!! Many blessings to you and yours, Amie! xo Roz

    • amie-sue says:

      Your welcome Roz… so happy that you have a replacement now. You brightened my day. Many blessings, amie sue

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