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Iced Coconut Vanilla Latte

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Not to long ago I published a post on cold-pressed coffee and it has pretty much become a staple in my house.  It has really opened the doors to my desires to play around and create new drinks.  I will admit that if I allowed myself to… I could become highly addicted to those fancy dancy coffee drinks.  I have had a few in the past years and boy, is it a slippery slope!  One of which I have always wanted to avoid.  I try to use organic and fair-trade coffee.  Drinking cold-pressed coffee, for me, is a treat that I will allow myself and it has up to 75% less acid, which makes me feel even better about my choice in having it.

Now comes the fun part though!  Watch out over-priced Starbucks coffee shops, there is a new up and coming barista in town!  I may not be able to make pretty pictures in my mugs just yet, but give me time, allow me some room to experiment and I just might be able to create some latte art yet.  Never to old to learn new tricks.  I doesn’t take fancy art to make it taste good, so that’s a relief.  Today’s drink was a last-minute creation as Mom and I were heading out the door.   The poor woman, every time she comes to visit I get so excited to catch her up on all the new treats that I am creating.



  1. I like to use a 1 quart mason jar.  Add all of the ingredients, including the ice, place the lid on tightly and give it a good shake.  Ta-da!  That’s it.  Not complicated at all.


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