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NuNaturals Nustevia Alcohol Free Stevia Glass Bottle Liquid, 2-Ounce

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NuNaturals - NuStevia - Natural Liquid Stevia - Alcohol Free - 2 Ounce

NuNaturals - NuStevia - Natural Liquid Stevia - Alcohol Free - 2 Ounce

Product Description

NuNaturals Liquid Stevia – Alcohol Free

Liquid Stevia is pure, sweet, and has absolutely no bitter aftertaste. Add NuStevia Stevia Sweetener drops to your tea, cereal, yogurt, hot/cold beverages, or anything that needs sweetening. Just 5 drops of Stevia is as sweet as 1 tsp of sugar.

NuStevia Liquid Stevia is a natural, plant-based, sugar free, zero calorie sweetener with no saccharin, alcohol, aspartame, sucralose, preservatives, synthetics, artificial colors or flavors. Vegan, Gluten Free and Non-GMO Project Verified. Contains only Stevia Extract and natural flavors.

One, 2-Ounce bottle of NuNaturals Stevia Sweeteners’ drops contains 200 mg per ml of Stevia extract and has a base of vegetable (palm) glycerin. The small size makes it easy to take to work, restaurants, while traveling, or anywhere you may want a bit of sweetness.


  • 100% NATURAL - Liquid Stevia is a pure and premium-grade natural plant extract, with all sweetness and no bitterness.
  • HEALTHIER CHOICE - Does not affect blood glucose or insulin levels. Does not promote tooth decay.
  • ALL-PURPOSE SWEETENER - Substitute any sugar with NuStevia Liquid Stevia. It is the best non-guilty pleasure for all your sweetening purposes.
  • HIGHLY CONCENTRATED - Our Liquid Stevia contains a minimum of 90% steviosides, the active ingredient in stevia. Just add 5-10 drops for a perfectly sweet taste.
  • PLANT-BASED - NuNaturals has been offering Stevia, an herbal shrub-like plant used to sweeten food naturally, for almost 30 years.

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