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Celtic Sea Salt

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I know what your thinking, salt is salt.  That is what I use to think as well.  As I have journeyed into the world of raw gourmet cuisine,  I started to notice that a lot of recipes called for Celtic Sea Salt, not just plain ole salt.  I decided it was time to delve into this new ingredient and see what all the hype is about.


  • It’s chemical-free and bleach-free
  • It contains no pouring agents that deplete its nutrients
  • It’s hand-harvested and solar dried so you never get any chemicals or bleach in your salt
  • It’s all-natural and loaded with mineral-rich trace elements that are essential to good health
  • Those trace minerals satisfy your body’s cravings and reduce over-eating
  • It’s lower in sodium than table salt yet higher in salt flavor so you can use less and stay healthy
  • It’s tested by independent laboratories so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what’s on the label…clean, pure salt
  • It’s a whole food, presented as it is in nature
  • It contains a variety of balanced nutrients
  • It’s harvested by hand using a centuries’ old Celtic tradition of evaporation to leave its minerals in tact but supported by modern quality control standards
  • It tastes better than conventional table salt and doesn’t leave your body craving essential minerals
  • NO more searching for salty snacks loaded with table salt that don’t fulfill your body’s needs
  • You can use more without any health worries or without losing flavor
  • You will get essential nutrients that support your body better
  • Gourmet chefs use this salt for its fine quality and incomparable taste
  • There is no feeling of bloating
  • No water retention from it use
  • Plus, it enhances the flavors of food in a superior way to the other salt

By contrast the everyday table salt we usually see and use is washed and boiled. It is then mixed with iodine, bleaching agents, and anti-caking agents to create a purely white, free-flowing product. Even many sea salts you see in health food stores have been boiled and washed, which ends up removing minerals and trace elements.

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