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Dehydrating fruit leathers

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    I am frustrated. I have this Excalibur dehydrator with two temperature speeds up drying function. It’s a 5-tray model and I have it for a month now.
    So far I’ve used only 2 trays because I didn’t have enough ParaFlexx sheets. I’ve bought another 3 sheets so I could use all 5 trays.
    I did banana leathers and frozen forrest fruit leathers in dehydrator and I also added lemon juice and coconut sugar. 145 F for 1 hour and then 115 F but after 16 hours these leathers weren’t completely dried. They were still sticky and I couldn’t peel them off of the sheet with ease despite of they were dry enough on the top. One of these 5 fruit leathers was over-dehydrated and other 4 were under-hydrated after 16+ hours.
    I am disappointed. I’ve bought 5-tray model to make sure that I can do 5 fruit leathers at once not only 2 on 2 trays.
    Where could I possibly do a mistake?
    Could this happen because of adding sugar?
    Is it possible that this Excalibur dehydrator works different in different conditions, i.e. when I have 5 trays inside
    it takes longer to dehydrate than when I have just 2 inside?
    When I did apple leathers I used only 2 trays inside of the dehydrator and they did dehydrated even after 9 hours. Without problem.


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