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G & B 308405B 36-Inch x 25-Foot 1-Inch Galvanized Mesh Hexagonal Poultry Netting

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YARDGARD 308405B Fence, 25 foot Silver

YARDGARD 308405B Fence, 25 foot Silver

Product Description

The yardgard 1 in. X 3'. x 25'. 20 Gauge poultry netting is a favorite of farmers, pet owners, & gardners & is recognized by its hexagon mesh weave. This netting is made of zinc-coated steel for durability. Before weaving it has been galvanized for long-lasting rust protection. This netting is used in cages to confine poultry, rabbits & other small animals. You can also use it for soil erosion prevention, plant protection or compost pile confinement.


  • Galvanized before weaving
  • Hexagonal poultry netting has reinforced lines equally spaced across the netting
  • It is made perfectly straight and flat, and stays that way; 20-gauge
  • Use for garden fencing, poultry enclosures, insulation retainers, storage bins and decorative supports
  • Size of hexagonal poultry netting is 36-inches by 25-feet 1-inches mesh

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