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White Female Mannequin Dress Form Size 6-8 Medium 35″ 26″ 34″ On Natural Tripod Stand Made By OM«

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White Female Mannequin Dress Form Size 6-8 Medium 35" 26" 34" On Natural Tripod Stand Made By OM«

White Female Mannequin Dress Form Size 6-8 Medium 35" 26" 34" On Natural Tripod Stand Made By OM«

Product Description

Buying a Only Mannequins dress form means you are buying from a U.S. Company that has been selling mannequins for 15 years, they have the experience and the know how to design and manufacture an item that will do its job.

Being Local means that if you lost a part or had a part broken, we can ship it right away from the Only Mannequins warehouse in NJ or CA.

Some Good Information:

1) This form has a 2nd hole under the form, this 2nd hole is used when the need for displaying slacks arises, not all forms have this 2nd hole, but this 2nd hole was first designed by only mannequins in 2004, it comes in handy when displaying slacks, but you will need to make the slacks are not too heavy, and lower the form so it is closer to the base and the center of gravity, for certain slacks you may need a heavier base.

2) This form is made of Hard Fiberglass then covered in a foamy material and then wrapped with the cover, Since the surface is hard this model is not truly Pinnable, but some have made use of it while pinning sideways using the foam and material cover.

3)The material cover is made of higher quality that can take more wear and tear than usual, if it gets dirty you can simply take it off wash it dry it and put it back on, you can also take off the white material and put on a Black material cover, etc.

4)The form can also be taken off the tripod and placed on a table, great for using as a center piece.

5) Knowing what kind of wood your tripod is made of is really important, keeping away from birch, eucalyptus and other popular Chinese wood will make sure your tripod can take more abuse and last longer, if your vendor does not know stay away and stick with the guys that do.


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