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Getting the Most of this Site; Raw Techniques

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Think of Nouveauraw as a HUGE virtual teaching kitchen. There are a ton of “drawers,” “cabinets,” “shelves,” and “nooks n’ crannies” to peer in.   And because the kitchen is soooo big, I fear that some of the “drawers” aren’t being opened; therefore, you might be missing out on all that site has to offer.

Nouvearaw Google Map App

Just kidding, hehe. There is no such thing as Nouvearaw Google Map app, but the side menu is a map of sorts that will take you to everything the site has to offer, simply click on a tab, and you will find tons of healthy nuggets! I thought it would be fun, educational, and helpful to once a week point out a section of the site that may be news to you. Either way, I want you to get the most of your membership and all that I share from my heart and kitchen. What more could one ask for? hehe

So today, I am going to point the TECHNIQUES section. If you go to the left menu and hover over “Reference Library” a popup window shows that you can either click on; Raw Techniques or Raw Ingredients. For today’s journey, click on Raw Techniques.


Once you click, you will see all the different categories that I have created for this section. It’s an excellent place to refer back to because I always add new stuff… though, you ought to get an email when that happens.  Every post in this section relates to the techniques that I use in my recipes. Often, when you are looking at a recipe, you will see a link bringing you to this area. I took some screenshots of what you can expect to see. Each category contains many posts within it. I had to shrink the images down; that’s why it looks so small.  Enjoy and have a blessed day!

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