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SunFood Chocolate Cacao Paste Organic — 1 lb

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Sunfood Superfoods Cacao Paste- Organic, Non-Gmo. 1 lb Bag

Sunfood Superfoods Cacao Paste- Organic, Non-Gmo. 1 lb Bag

Product Description

The fruit of the cacao tree contains a small bean from which all chocolate is made. Cacao is an incredible health food in its natural state, filled with energy-boosting nutrients. Loaded with minerals such as magnesium which may contribute to normal bone health and healthy immune function, cacao is also high in copper and manganese. This amazing food has been revered for centuries by cultures such as the Aztec and Maya.

Our organic cacao paste is made from non-GMO, certified organic cacao beans. It is prepared by grinding cacao nibs at lower temperatures to yield a rich paste that is then cooled and dried, forming chocolaty chunks. This low temperature process preserves the delicate nutrients and flavors found in raw cacao.


  • Cacao is a potent source of flavonoid antioxidants, one of the richest in the world
  • A rich source of Magnesium which is necessary for over 300 biological functions in the body
  • Contains Theobromine, providing a slow release of non-jittery energy throughout the day
  • Can boost your mood, increasing feelings of love and happiness while blocking feelings of depression
  • Non-GMO Project Verified, CCOF Certified Organic, Vegan, Earth Kosher

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