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Baja Precious – Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Baja California (750ml Bottle)

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Baja Precious - Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 750ml (25.3 Fl Oz)

Baja Precious - Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 750ml (25.3 Fl Oz)

Product Description

From the sun-drenched desert valleys of Baja California, not far from the soothing breeze of the Sea of Cortez, comes this truly unique extra virgin olive oil. Extracted from two of the finest Spanish varietals, Mission and Nevadillo, this olive oil has a silky golden-green texture, a smooth taste with a mild peppery finish and a captivating fruity aroma; an ideal companion for salads, fish, chicken, pasta and fresh bread. The bottle is lightweight, shatterproof, 100% recyclable and requires a lot less energy to produce, transport and recycle than glass. The bottle itself is protected by UV and oxygen barriers that give this product an extended shelf life, comparable to that of glass. This is how we bring you gourmet-quality extra virgin olive oil at a great price, while we reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to preserve the environment.


  • All Natural, First Cold Pressed, Maximum Acidity of 0.3%
  • Genuine, Unadulterated, 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Lightweight Planet Friendly Bottle (BPA-Free) with Retractable Pourer
  • Also Available in a Variety of Infused Flavors
  • Product of Baja California, Mexico; Bottled in Santa Fe Springs, California, USA

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