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Why should you add RAW WHOLE FOODS to your diet?

Hi, I’m Amie Sue Oldfather, and I will tell you why…


  • You deserve to be healthy!
  • You deserve to enjoy eating beautiful, nutritious foods!
  • You deserve to understand what foods work for you!
  • Here at NouveauRaw, I will teach you how to buy, prepare and serve amazing whole food dishes.

For only 5.99 a month you can change your diet, and you will change your life.

Since 2007 I have been helping people all over the world find out what works for them, their bodies, and their families. Healthy beautiful eating doesn't have to be difficult, in fact, with my help it's easy!

Here's what my members are saying....

"I’m well into my senior years and wanted to live as healthy as possible for as long as I live.  It seems whenever I’m having a health issue you come up with a recipe related to it."  Sandra D

"I feel like I have found a gold mine! Hidden treasure! I have never seen anything like it in all my different experiences with raw food!" Shari

"As a naturalist, artist and creative cook myself, I respectfully tip my hat off to you Amie Sue, for YOUR enthusiastic artistic creative talent both with your camera and in your kitchen, which is surpassed by none whatsoever."    Patti L.

"When I decided to change my diet nearly four years ago, one of the first blogs I started to read was NouveauRaw. I have learned numerous tips and made many of Amie Sue's wonderful recipes. Whenever I want to make something new, her blog is the one I turn to. I think she's a raw food genius!"  Randie D.

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A few FAQs about the gormet raw diet.

What is a Raw Food Diet?

In a nutshell… The thrust of the raw food diet is the consumption of unprocessed, whole plant-based, ideally, organic foods that have not been heated over 104–118°F (40–48°C). Foods are prepared in a special way. Instead of using an oven to cook foods, a dehydrator is used. Instead of purchasing boxed foods, they are made from whole foods, from scratch. To increase nutrients nut, seeds, and grains are soaked and sprouted. To read more in-depth about this topic, please click (here).

Do I have to eat 100% raw to benefit from it?

No, heck no, and NO! :) I believe life should not be about 100% raw food, but about 100% health. My goal is to eat a diet that free from foods that are produced with the use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, industrial solvents or chemical food additives. This means avoiding, or at least greatly reducing,  packaged and processed foods.

The whole idea of learning how to prepare raw foods is to learn how to incorporate whole, fresh foods into our diets. We can all afford to eat a diet that contains more raw fruits, vegetables, sprouts, and nuts… wouldn’t you agree?

There are great controversies in how the body assimilate foods. Some say raw foods are harder to digest than cooked and some express the opposite belief. So what it is?  The answer is… find out what works best for your body.  We all assimilate nutrients differently.

What if I can't afford to buy all organic foods?

You do not NEED to eat all organic to be raw. But I highly encourage you to eat as much organic food as possible. It’s a process, I get that… so be patient with yourself throughout this journey. Do your best with what you have and what you can afford.

If you are just starting out and find yourself on a tight budget, familiarize yourself with the The Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen. This is a great start. You will be avoiding high concentrations of pesticides and other toxic residues and you will be gaining not only better tasting foods but also foods that contain more nutrition.

Can I start eating 100% raw over night?

NO… I don’t recommend it!

Through personal experience and after spending over eight years in the raw food industry, I don’t recommend going 100% raw overnight. In fact, I don’t recommend making such a radical change with any form of eating…. other then cutting out processed foods! It will take time for your digestion to understand how to handle and what to do with all that extra roughage/fiber. This can lead to stomach discomfort, bloating, gas, constipation, and so forth.  But there is more to all of this than just digestion. I believe that with dietary changes you also need to be ready to experience mental,  emotional, spiritual, and social changes.

If you are already eating a clean, whole food diet, it will be easier on your body to make such a dramatic change, but it is my belief to always ease into dietary changes. Watch and listen to how your body responds to foods. If you find yourself bloated or feeling “off” back off and approach it by scaling back even further. Remember… be kind to yourself.

Just by adding in 10% more raw foods into each meal… you will benefit. Then continue to increase over time, making sure to check in with your body to see how things are going.

There isn’t a magical percentage and it doesn’t matter what your loved ones or friends are doing… do what is right for YOU.

A fun game to play with yourself as you add in more whole foods (even if cooked), is to reduce the same amount of processed foods from your plate.  Over time, continue to crowd out the bad foods with fresh, whole foods.

Amie Sue, are you 100% raw?

No, I am not 100% raw. When I first dived into the raw food journey, I did go 100% raw overnight. I did the very thing that I advise against. Live and learn. Back then, I didn’t have any raw websites to turn to. I didn’t have support, other than my husband (bless you Bob!) and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. You can read a little bit about my journey (here).

In fact, I don’t call myself a raw foodist… but to take that even further… I don’t label my eating habits. This again, stems from years of experience throughout my own personal journey.  I feel that that by labeling yourself, you set yourself up for trouble. Explain? You bet.

In my first year of being 100% raw, I couldn’t wait to announce to everyone that I was a 100% raw foodist. What this did was set myself up for failure. First off, by stating that I was 100% raw, I immediately viewed my new eating plan as a diet, not a lifestyle. Secondly, my friends and family (though not with malice) waited with baited breath to catch me eating something cooked, just so they prove that being 100% raw wasn’t feasible. And lastly, to avoid feeling like I failed at yet another “diet” I forced myself to maintain this eating style for a full year, which actually blocked me from focusing on what my body was really saying.  Bottom line, I refused to listen to what my body was trying to tell me because my ego was yelling too loud in my head to hear.

It was a few years later, as I let go of my ego and started to learn how to listen to my body that I decided that I no longer would label my eating habits.  Our bodies change throughout time. We age and go through hormonal changes, stress levels change, our environments change, our health changes… and I personally feel that we need to feed ourselves accordingly.

I will say however that I LOVE eating and creating raw foods. The vibrant colors, the freshness, the flavors, the vibration… that all has remained a fiery passion of mine. I do feel that there are great health benefits to eating a high raw diet. It has taught me to look at food differently, it has taught me to be a better cook (and yes, I mean cook!), it has been an intricate part of my healing journey.

How do I handle social gatherings where everyone is eating cooked food?

Some people in your life might be put off with the fact that you no longer socialize the way they do or eat they way that they do. Although you are living a healthier (and hopefully happier) life than some of your friends with unhealthy eating habits, there’s no reason to make an outcast of yourself. They think what you are doing is hard work, unsatisfying, isolating, and, if like some of my family, they might admit that they think that you are part alien.

With that being said, continue to be kind to yourself, don’t preach your way of eating UNLESS they want to hear about it,  don’t announce, “hey, I am RAW! Look at me.” Walk your walk and let your actions be a witness to those around you.

Regardless if you are 20% – 50% – or even 100% raw, there are ways around it.  For starters, bring a raw dish with you making sure there is enough for others and for yourself.  When you arrive at the gathering, don’t announce that you have a raw dish. Nobody else walks in saying, “Hey, I brought a cooked dish!”

Scan the rest of the food and pick out other raw foods or clean, cooked, whole food choices.

If you know the hostess really well, you can always share your eating preference with them and see if they can help accommodate it. While it may be a bit awkward to explain your needs, most people are considerate and will respect your eating habits, and try to accommodate them.

Can I eat at Restaurants?

Yes! You can get fairly clever about getting the restaurants to give you a tasty raw meal from the foods they usually use. You can always call the restaurant ahead of time to see if they can accommodate any special raw meal requests.

With today’s technology you can look the restaurant up ahead of time and read through their menu. Make a list of all the veggies, possible fruits, avocados, nuts, and seeds that they have in amongst their dishes. Once you get there, you will be armed with a list of foods so that you can request a special elaborate raw salad or something including any of the things you saw. And trust me, other people sitting around you will usually be impressed with how beautiful your plate is.

Ask for olive oil, vinegar and some lemon to squeeze on as a dressing. Restaurant dressings are riddled with preservatives and excitotoxins. If you feel comfortable enough, bring a small container of your own dressing from home. I was never to shy too do this and never had an issue.

Another trick I had was to ask for guacamole which I would then use as a salad dressing.

Along with your salad, you can also ask for steamed veggies.

Most importantly, don’t lose sight of why we typically eat out… we are doing so to connect with people.  Let those around you be the main focus rather then the food in front of you.  Enjoy your time together, and make the most of the present moment. It’s the only one you’ve got.

How can I overcome junk food cravings?

When cravings strike, I feel the best approach is to examine why you are experiencing the craving(s).  Is the craving brought on by a habitual habit of eating or drinking that particular food at a certain time or place? Are you stressed? Are you faced with an emotional upset? If you are a woman, where are you in your cycle?

I won’t promise that all your cravings will dwindle and eventually disappear… but they will greatly reduce and lose their power over you. Plus, you will start to learn more about yourself and will become empowered!