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Welcome to my “About NouveauRaw” page

The process of creating raw, whole food recipes is as much about trust as technique.  As a sculptor finds their creation in a block of marble, so too does a chef find in their dish: by design, technically, but by instinct, always.  It is my goal to create mainstream awareness of the vibrancy, creativity, and health benefits of raw foods in a way that was fun, easy, challenging, and modern.

Hello and welcome to Nouveau Raw (New Raw).  I started my journey towards raw foods back in 2007.  I let go of my SAD (Standard American Diet) ways and started off by becoming a vegetarian.  After about a year of this, I went vegan for another year. From there I went all the way to 100% raw for quite a while and then finally slid comfortably into a diet of high raw and along with some cooked foods.  Through this process, I learned to really listen to my body and feed it accordingly.  I also learned that there isn’t just one diet that fits all of us.  So it became my heart and my service to incessantly share with others what I was learning and to inspire them to increase the fresh foods in their diet.  I love showing people that eating healthy can be fun and delicious.  Nothing has to be sacrificed!

In the time since receiving my certification as a gourmet raw food and pastry chef, (through Living Light Culinary Art Institute) my passion has turned into a burning flame that never flickers or dims.  It grows stronger with each passing day.  My website has become a platform for me to share everything that I am learning.  As my site has grown with readers, I have realized that they are my driving force my inspiration and a wonderful support team.

My ongoing desire to expand my knowledge inspired me to attend the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I was certified as a holistic health coach. I continue to use these skills to help those that I come in contact with through my raw food lifestyle. Through the years of my raw food journey, I decided it was time to hone in on my cooking skills as well, so I attended Rouxbe and completed my Plant-Based Professional Certification Course.  As you can see, my passion for healthy eating and living is a big part of my life.

My passion for raw foods has also given me the courage and confidence to teach classes as well.  And now my journey is taking me into owning my own raw food manufacturing company, Oldfather Farms™.  So in the end, I have to say that my raw foods adventure has not only affected me physically but also on an emotional and mental level, opening up doors that I never knew existed.   It is safe to say that raw foods are my culinary soulmate. :) I hope you find my recipes inventive, artful, and that they taste incredible.

Many blessings, Amie Sue

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