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Reference Library

Deciding to build a healthier eating lifestyle can be a challenging endeavor, yet offer countless health benefits. That is why I decided to create a “Reference Library.” I want to help you make the transition with grace and ease. Therefore, using the right tools, knowing the correct techniques, and educating yourself on the ingredients that you consume are vital for long term success. I am blessed to have you here and hope that I earned your time. blessings, amie sue

Welcome. Start Here

Successfully Transitioning Your Diet

Nutrition Basics


Recipe Essentials

Ingredients (directory, shopping, storing, etc.)

Where Our Food Comes From

Equipment (understanding what, why, how)

Kitchen Organization

Soaking Nuts, Seeds, and Grains

How to make buckwheat flour from sprouted buckwheat

Homemade Flours (Raw, Gluten-Free)

Pastry and Decorating

Raw Food Diet

Working with Raw Chocolate


Quick Nourishing Meal/Snack Ideas