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Monthly Raw Food Staples – make ahead recipe ideas

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This post could get rather long…. the possibilities are endless!  And if not careful, I would end up copying all my site recipes into this post.  These are just some ideas that might help you get prepared for the busy weeks ahead.  So here are some quick examples from different categories in my the recipes section.  I encourage you to look through and see what sounds good to you.  You have now been empowered!

Click on each header to find more recipe ideas.


Corn Tortillas / Wraps – These are great to have on hand for quick meals and they keep for a long time in the fridge!

These will keep in the fridge for several weeks.  I have had them last as long as 4 weeks!  Store flat in Ziplock bags.  To soften, run quickly under water and towel off.
Equipment needed: food processor and dehydrator

  • Use 1 – Use as wraps for veggie sandwiches.
  • Use 2 – Use for mock tacos!   Fill with your favorite Mexican flavors.
  • Use 3 – Use for breakfast.  Spread your favorite nut butter and jam on it, tuck and roll!
  • Use 4 – Use for dipping.  Tear off pieces and dip in raw cheese dips or humus.




Onion Bread / Crackers – Mexican Flax Crackers – The flavors for crackers / breads are endless and can be modified to satisfy your cravings.  They are multi-use as well.

These will keep for up to a month, no problem!
Equipment needed: possible food processor, dehydrator

  • Use 1 – Use for in between meal snacking!
  • Use 2 – Use to crumble over salads to add a crunchy texture.
  • Use 3 – Use for an appetizer before dinner or as a late night snack.  Dip in raw cheese sauces, nut cheeses, in salsa and guacamole!
  • Use 4 – Use as pizza crusts! (dehydrate them in larger circles)
  • Use 5 – Use for bread slices (depending on the recipe, don’t dehydrate as long, making them softer in texture for sandwiches).




Cheesy Kale Chips – I put these in this category as food that can last a month BUT truth be told…they don’t last a week in my house. They are that good!  But, with self-control (haha) they can last a long time and make a great go-to snack food!

These will keep up to a month when stored properly.
Equipment : blender and dehydrator

  • Use 1 – Use for snacking!
  • Use 2 – Use for a side dish with a meal!
  • Use 3 – Use for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacking, all day eating!  Ok, kidding, sort of, but you can eat them any time.




Blueberry Coconut Granola – These flavor profiles are quite versatile and very accommodating to your taste buds.
Granola will keep for months when stored properly.  To extend the shelf life I recommend storing in mason jars in the fridge, or the freezer if you want to keep it for months!
Equipment: food processor (opt. on some recipes), dehydrator

  • Use 1 – Use for in between snacking
  • Use 2 – Use for breakfast, pouring your favorite nut milk over the top for a healthy cereal.
  • Use 3 – Use as a topping for yogurt, and ice cream.
  • Use 4 – Use in salads for texture and a punch of flavor.

Banana Chips - Couldn’t be any easier to make!  Use any fruit!

Dried fruits will keep a long time as long as they are stored properly.
Equipment: dehydrator

  • Use 1 – Use for on-the-go snacking.
  • Use 2 – Mix in with other dried fruits and nuts to create trail mixes.
  • Use 3 – Use in cereals.
  • Use 4 – Use in dessert recipes!





Chia Gel – Full of nutrients and magical qualities!

This will keep in your fridge for approx. 3 weeks
Equipment: mason jar

  • Use 1 – Use in salad dressing as a thickener.
  • Use 2 – Use in smoothies to increase nutrients  and as a natural thickener.
  • Use 3 – Use in cracker recipes to help hold everything together.
  • Use 4 – Use in dessert recipes to add texture.

Irish Moss Gel (paste) – Full of nutrients and is a “wonder” ingredient in recipes!

This will keep for approx. 3 weeks in the fridge.
Equipment: blender
Prep work – requires soaking and rinsing for several days.

  • Use 1 – Use as a thickener for salad dressings
  • Use 2 – Use as an emulsifier for desserts, puddings.
  • Use 3 – Use in smoothies.  It is so healthy for you!

Blooming Wild Rice – This is wonderful to have on hand, all made up and ready for daily spices to fit your cravings!

This will keep in your fridge for up to 3 weeks.
Equipment: bowl  (optionally dehydrator)
Prep work – requires 1-3 day soaking (depends on method used)

  • Use 1 – Use in salads.
  • Use 2 – Use in cracker recipes.
  • Use 3 – Use as a main dish; season and add desired veggies!




Chocolate Chip Cookies – What more do I need to say…really?

These will keep for weeks, if not months if stored in the freezer.
Equipment needed: food processor, dehydrator
Prep work – dehydration

  • Use 1 – Coooooookies!  What can’t you use them for? :)

 Almond Hooter Cookies – Cookies!!!!  Great for snacking, indulging and entertaining!

These also will keep for weeks, if not months if stored in the freezer.
Equipment needed: food processor, dehydrator
Prep work – dehydration

  • Use 1 – Coooooookies! What can’t you use them for? :)
  • Use 2 – Great to have in the freezer to have ready for school functions, lunch boxes, parties and gifts!

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