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Middle Eastern Tahini Kale Chips

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Middle Eastern Tahini Kale Chips are darn right addictive.  I say that about all kale chips it is true, but once I start eating these, I just can’t stop!  If you enjoy the flavor of sesame you will enjoy these chips.

Tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds.  It is a basic ingredient in Middle Eastern cooking and it is the foundation for recipes such as humus.  For those with digestive issues, tahini is a fabulous ingredient.  The seeds of the sesame plants are ground up so finely to produce the sauce, it is very easy for your body to process and to digest. This means that it can even be eaten by people who can experience gastrointestinal upsets, as it passes through the system easily.  It is also believed that tahini helps the digestion of other food sources as well, so this makes it even more beneficial.

Tahini is rich in many different vitamins and minerals, but it is particularly full of B vitamins. Specifically, the B vitamins found in tahini include B2, B1, B15, B3 and B5.  A single serving of tahini has about one-third of your necessary daily dose of calcium, and it is much easier for your body to digest than milk.

Ingredients: sauce yields 2 cups


  1. Chop the red pepper into chunks and blend with the lemon juice, tamari and vinegar.  Blend until the pepper well broken down.
  2. Add the sesame tahini, and garlic, then again blend until smooth.
  3. Finally add the nutritional yeast and blend.  Mixing it in stages like this helps you to get the smooth consistency you need without over-heating.
  4. In a large bowl pour the blended mixture over the kale and massage in until all the leaves are well coated.  I use my hands to assure even coverage.
  5. Place it on dehydrator trays on mesh sheets and dehydrate at 105 degrees for about 8 hrs.  If they aren’t crispy enough, leave them in a bit longer.
  6. Store in glass containers on the counter.  I have no idea what their shelf life is because they disappear way to fast in my house.


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2 thoughts on “Middle-Eastern-Tahini-Kale-Chips

  1. aliyah says:

    wow amie sue I put these in dehydrater late last night with the intention of having them for the hubby for a snack on the job but he left earlier than usual and they weren’t quite done. these are so good I don’t know if there will be any left when he gets home. Where did you get the pop corn containers?

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