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Fold-Up Tote Bag (Free Shipping)

Over the years Bob and I have been in the habit of tossing reusable tote bags into the car before we head out shopping. We started off using them at the Farmer’s Markets,  progressing to the grocery stores, and now I am even taking them in ANY store I shop in.  I will admit, sometimes we forget. It’s a memory muscle that has to be worked, and trust me, that muscle is starting to show some great definition. :)

When selecting the size of the bags that we wanted to carry, Bob and I spent a considerable amount of time rummaging through the ones we already had.  Determining what we loved or disliked about them.  Some were flat out too big! Upon checking out at the grocery store, the baggers felt compelled to stuff that baby to the brim and truth be told… many times I couldn’t even carry it out of the store. Now, what good is that?

Others were too small, and I was lucky to get a head of kale in there. Some were too floppy, too stiff, too fragile, too ugly (covers mouth in shock as to what just escaped my lips), and other’s just advertised things on the bag that we didn’t relate to.  That is why we selected this bag; reliable, convenient, perfectly sized, Eco-friendly, and beautiful.

  • RELIABLE: Made from 100% Non-Woven Soft Textured Polypropylene Stitched Seams. Tear Resistant & Water Repellent. But wait there’s more…. it also comes with a  reinforced bottom!
  • CONVENIENT: This bag conveniently folds down to 6.75″w x 6.5″h This way you can slip it into your purse, man bag, bike basket, Harly Davidson saddle bag, the overhead compartment in a 747 airplane, or even your glove compartment in the car! Now that’s convenient, wouldn’t you say?
  • PERFECTLY SIZED: Not too big, not too small. Measuring in at 13.5″x x 14.5″h x 6.75″d with 20” handles.
  • GOOD FOR NATURE: Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic Bags
  • BEAUTIFUL: The bag is a solid black with our Nouveauraw logo printed not only on 1 side but 3!! (front, back, and bottom). Our company slogan is also printed on the bag, “In sync with Nature.” Isn’t that what this is all about? Doing our best in being eco-friendly as well as filling our bags with healthy, nutritious foods! Now you can carry them out of the store in style!
  • LASTLY: I am not ashamed to say… it’s a great way to spread the Nouveauraw love as you carry it on your shoulder when you walk out of the store… there I said it. :)
Fold-up Tote Bag (Free Shipping)
Fold-up Tote Bag (Free Shipping)
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