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Edible Veggie Bouquet eBook

Only 7.99

Veggie Bouquet Book

This fifty-seven page eBook will guide you, with step-by-step photos and instructions, and in no time at all, you will be creating your own “Edible Veggie Bouquet” masterpieces! Your arrangements will resemble bouquets of flowers in bloom.  Edible Veggie Bouquets make for eye-popping, jaw-dropping, and unforgettable gifts for all occasions. No more boring veggie platters for you.

These beautiful designs can be made from carrots, parsnips, beets, turnips, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes and so much more!  You will learn to customize the bouquets and make your edible treat truly unique. There is no doubt that your creation will leave a lasting tasty impression on your friends and family.

Caution: Please read the fine print…

This eBook is in English only. Possible side effects that may take place when a veggie bouquet is present: vegetables, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and live enzymes will be ingested supporting health! There is a natural gravitational pull that affects those who come into contact with your creation.  It causes a widening of the eyes, and for many they will lose the ability to speak for a short period of time and children will just stand in awe.  These side effects will gently subside over time, but these bouquets will never fail to make smiles. :)

Make your own Edible Veggie Bouquet (PDF version)
Make your own Edible Veggie Bouquet (PDF version)
Price: $7.99