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Coconut Raspberry Lemon Cake

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3 thoughts on “Coconut Raspberry Lemon Cake

  1. Lika says:

    what is the almond pulp? is it same as a nut milk?

  2. amie-sue says:

    Hello Vanja…

    I used a typical baking cake pan that has a removable base. I believe it was this one… http://nouveauraw.com/equipment/pans-forms-molds/ateco-aluminum-cake-pan-with-removable-bottom-round-6-by-3-inch/. But it has been so long since I made that. I actually have that recipe open on my computer to remake. Those photos scare me. lol I will work on it this week, and I will be sure to document the exact pan I choose to use. Have a great week, amie sue

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