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Summer Harvest Medley Fruit Leather ~ Gourmet Edition ~

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This fruit leather  was inspired by all the tidbits of fruit floating around in my fridge and on my countertop.  For this masterpiece I used; strawberries, raspberries, peaches, plums, pears and any other lonely berry rolling around.  Nothing was safe!    I always make flax crackers in the same manner, using up all the leftover veggies and now I have a great way to use up my fruits.  I love it!  There is another admirer of ripe fruits, AKA the Fruit Fly!  And if not careful, they can really get out of hand.  If you start to have issues with these little nanobugs be sure to read my post on Dealing with Fruit Flies.

Ingredients: yields 4 1/2 cups puree


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One thought on “Summer Harvest Medley Fruit Leather ~ Gourmet Edition ~

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