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Vanilla Cherry Fruit Leather

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Fruit leathers are an equal opportunity food.  It doesn’t matter what your age is, what you look like, what color your skin is, how tall or short you may be, if you are having a bad hair day or not… it just doesn’t matter.  It’s all good.

They are great for moms on the go, an afternoon snack for the kids as they come bounding off the school bus, a quick pick-me-upper snack to have before the evening Boy Scout or Girl Scout meeting, for those who get stuck in a business meeting and you need to hush your growling stomach so the whole group doesn’t look at you,  a great way to keep up your stamina as you power shop at the mall for that “perfect outfit”, for the nurse who gets a 10 minute break before the double shift starts, and last but not least… for the husband who is continually rummaging through the kitchen cabinets looking for “that” flavor.

There is no wrong way to eat fruit leather; grab firmly and rip off a bit “cave-man” style! Peel thin strips, tilt your head back and slowly lower the strip in your mouth,  roll pieces into a ball and try to toss it into your partners mouth, suck on a piece and let it dissolve on the roof of your mouth, or eat at your leisure as you lounge on the deck with your feet kicked up, fold strips into triangle shapes, roll into a cylinder and use as a straw in your favorite drink,  lend your imagation to the fruit leather  and  just enjoy it. :)

Key points to remember when making your own fruit leathers.  Don’t add any sweetener until you have pureed all the other ingredients together.  If the fruit is ripe enough, it may not need any help.  Keep in mind, flavors intensify during the dehydration process.  When storing, make sure you wrap it well in plastic wrap.  Fruit leather will stick…meld….fuse to itself. :)  Now go on, hop into that kitchen of yours and get busy.

Ingredientsyields 4 1/2 cups


Photo above:  Here I have prepared my fruit leather for the dehydrator.  I used my hand to evenly spread the puree around, assuring that it is nice and even throughout to help with the drying process.  It’s amazing how much the color changes from the start to the end!
Photo above:  Place two pieces of plastic wrap on your counter top, overlapping them to create a large sheet.
Photo above:  Fold the edges of the plastic wrap onto the fruit leather, tapering in the ends a bit, as shown in the photo.
Photo above:  Fold the end piece over onto the fruit leather.  This will be the end that you start rolling.
Photo above: Roll the leather nice and tight all the way to the very end.  This should keep your fruit leather nice and sealed.

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