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Blood Orange and Strawberry Fruit Leather ~ Gourmet Edition ~

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Last week I made a pass through Whole Foods in Portland and much to my delight I found blood oranges were in season.  As I have been in deep development of fruit leathers this past month,  I now look at produce in a whole new way.   What would blood oranges taste like in fruit leathers?!  One way to find out…buy some and make some!  This recipe has a very powerful and strong flavor combo.   I recommend segmenting the orange slices to avoid any bitter flavor from the orange membrane, but it isn’t necessary.  It will depend on how ripe the orange is and sometimes the membrane can be bit bitter.   When preparing raw foods dishes,  I can’t stress enough how important it is to taste test as you go.  Every recipe has the potential of  tasting a tad bit different based on the quality and ripeness of the ingredients used.

Blood Orange… AKA – The Red Rose of the Orange Family

This strikingly beautiful fruit is one of the sweetest in the citrus family.  They are juicy, sweet and slightly less acidic than regular oranges.   They have a distinctive flavor, which hints of raspberry in addition to the rich orange flavor.   The name comes from their extraordinary crimson red flesh.  If you have never eaten a blood orange before,  now is the time.  You will be amazed not only by the taste but the vibrant beauty.

Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups puree


The fruit leather will keep at room temperature for one month, or in a freezer for up to one year


How to segment an orange:


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2 thoughts on “Blood Orange and Strawberry Fruit Leather ~ Gourmet Edition ~

  1. Kimmi says:

    This looks great! Can’t wait to try it. When is the best time to slice the leather into those picture perfect strips? Before, after or in middle of dehydrating. Thanks!

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