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Banana Cherry Fruit Leather

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Fruit leathers are a great gift idea that will show someone just how much you love and care for them.   Whether it is a gift for a birthday, for Valentine’s Day, for Christmas, or best of all… a “just because” gift… making healthy treats that not only look amazing but taste amazing, it will warm their hearts and fill their bellies with wonderful nutrients!  Best of all homemade editable gifts are a heartfelt present, and one size fits all.

I know many of you will roll your eyes when I mention that the holidays are lurking just around the corner.  What a wonderful time to get started.  There are so many wonderful fruits in season right now (cherries, hint hint)  and to preserve them in a way that can be enjoyed in the winter months will be a welcome gift.  These fruit leathers will keep in the freezer for up to one year, so pull that dehydrator out, turn on some Christmas (gift giving) music and pour your heart into making some of these wonderful treats.

Ingredients: yields 5 cups


Photo above:  Here I have prepared my fruit leather for the dehydrator.  I used my hand to evenly spread the puree around, assuring that it is nice and even throughout to help with the drying process.  It’s amazing how much the color changes from the start to the end!
Photo above:  place two pieces of plastic wrap on your counter top, overlapping them to create a large sheet.
Photo above:  Fold the edges of the plastic wrap onto the fruit leather, tapering in the ends a bit, as shown in the photo.
Photo above:  Fold the end piece over onto the fruit leather.  This will be the end that you start rolling.
Photo above: Roll the leather nice and tight all the way to the very end.  This should keep your fruit leather nice and sealed.

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