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Chocolate covered Strawberry Fruit Leather ~ Gourmet Edition ~

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For those of you who love chocolate covered strawberries, this is your lucky day.  Chocolate covered strawberries have been transformed into a gourmet fruit leather, preserved in time.  This flavor combination must be the most popular taste sensation of all.  Close your eyes and listen to my words… Rich and tantalizing, the decadent dark and heavenly  chocolate disperses itself within the sinfully sweet, vine-ripened strawberries…. Need I say more?

Keep in mind when adding raw cacao to this recipe that it is very bitter so you will have to increase the sweetness of the puree because the strawberries won’t be sweet enough to stand up to raw cacao.  I have to tell you that when I had this in the dehydrator it was causing my mouth to water all day long.  The aroma that omitted from the pantry was warm and rich with chocolate.  So go ahead and make a few batches.  What an extraordinary handcrafted gift to share with others but also with yourself.  Composed of all natural ingredients, you can satisfy your chocolate craving without the guilt.

Ingredients: yields 3 1/4 cup puree = 18 gift packages


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2 thoughts on “Chocolate covered Strawberry Fruit Leather ~ Gourmet Edition ~

  1. a says:

    Are you doing this in the excalibur? If so – do your recipes do 1 or 2 sheets of the excalibur? Love all your recipes and excited about trying them out.

    • amie-sue says:

      Yes I am using a 9 tray Excalibur. It depends on how thick you spread the batter, so it can be 1-2 trays worth. Enjoy! amie sue

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