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Strawberry Almond Crunch Fruit Leather ~ Gourmet Edition ~

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Let’s talk about pampering… pampering you!  I believe that we all ought to indulge in life and  if you’re going to indulge, why not do so with the best?  Give yourself the gift of love and let your actions speak louder than your words.   It’s ok, you can do this, you’re not being selfish in taking care of yourself.  If it makes it easier, I give you permission. :)

Let me ask you, has it been a long time since you spent a day doing nothing at home?  Is every weekend spent shopping, going out with your friends, getting pending work done, and so on?   Finally, you get a day to be at home, all by yourself, with no work to do and no commitments to fulfill.  Now, you are wondering what to do on such a relaxing day.  Simple – pamper yourself. Yes, you read that right!  Pampering yourself is one of the best ways to get rid of all the tensions in your mind and be happy for no reason at all.  In case you are looking for an answer to ‘how to pamper yourself at home’, the following suggestion will meet your needs perfectly.  It starts with a handful of ingredients, a little bit of time and wa-la, you have a recipe on how to pamper yourself!

Enjoy and be blessed.

Ingredients: yields 4 cups puree (made 13 gift pkgs)


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