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Banana Mango Cones

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These Banana Mango cones are just a delight to serve to guests.  This particular cone shouldn’t be used to serve moist foods in it because the moisture will weaken the cone (rehydrate it basically).  For serving suggestions, fill the wrap with; dried fruits and nuts, dry granola… foods that you would shake out into your other hand and eat, thus leaving the cone (leather) to eat once in the inner contents are gone.

I apologize for the end result photos.  Here is a valuable tip… ALWAYS check the quality of your photos before you eat the props! lol  I knew this for I have been doing this long enough… but my growling tummy got the best of me.  The photos are not the best but my tummy is full (pats belly).

Ingredients: yields 3 1/2 cups of batter (6 round wraps)



Above – the completed leathers.  These can be eaten as is or you can move onto making cones.

Above – supplies used,  Creme Horn Cones and rubber bands.  Don’t use rubber bands that are so tight that they marks on your leather.  Lightly coat the molds with a touch of coconut oil.  This will help the removal process when we are all done.

Above – this is for those who don’t have the Creme Horn Cones (yet! good inexpensive investment).  You can roll the leather into cone shape without the mold but they won’t be as wide.  The mold helps to support the leather during the drying process and give you consistent sized cones.  Dip your finger in water and run it along the edge to seal it, rub back and forth real gentle till it sticks to itself.

Above – here I am using the mold.  I am showing you in this photo how I am sealing the edge that I spoke out above.

Above – just taking a peak inside.

Above – As you can see, I slide a few rubber bands on the cones for extra security.

Above – Place the cones on the mesh sheet that comes with the dehydrator and dry at 105 degrees for approx. 4-6 hours.  They won’t dry crispy but they shouldn’t be sticky when cooled.  Slide the mold out and fill with dry ingredients as talked about above.

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4 thoughts on “Banana Mango Cones

  1. Leslie says:

    Think they would be ok filled with banana, chopped dried mango, chopped macadamias, coconut and raw ganache?

    • amie-sue says:

      Yep… delicious! Build them right before serving. The wetness from the ganache can soften the cone. You could even freeze some bananas and then whip them into a frozen banana ice cream. Then pipe it into the cone and freeze. Once frozen, dip the tops in ganache and sprinkle the mango, coconut and nuts on top so it sets into the chocolate, then freeze until needed! Have a great evening Leslie, amie sue

  2. Leslie says:

    OMG…great suggestion…and it solves another “make ahead” issue. Think I will add some chopped chocolate to the banana filling for crunch, and because its chocolate, my most fav food group! Thank you

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