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Cacao Nibs

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What are Cacao Nibs?

  • Raw nibs are the original unsweetened chocolate chip.
  • Crunchy, flavorful, and packed with powerful nutrients and natural mood lifters.
  • Try them straight, or sweeten with bananas and dates for a truly healthy chocolate.  Perfect for mixing into smoothies or trail mixes.
  • The possibilities are endless for this crunchy antioxidant pick me up.
  • Nibs do not melt when heated, but instead add a satisfying crunch.

Health Benefits: (gathered by David Wolfe)

Cacao polyphenols have been scientifically shown to:

1. Lower blood pressure
2. Lower vascular cell adhesion
3. Increase circulating Nitric Oxide
4.Decrease platelet aggregation
5. Decrease rates of death from cardiac mortality and all mortality in general
6. Improve insulin sensitivity
7. Decrease fasting insulin
8. Increase blood flow to the brain
9. Inhibit plasma lipid oxidation
10. Decrease chronic inflammation in the body and cardio-vascular system in general.

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